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By: The Malibu Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Market Research, Help Business Owners, Value Drivers,

We help business owners gain a thorough understanding of the intrinsic value drivers within your company, maximizing
performance, identifying the most strategic acquirer, and negotiating and closing the best deal.

  • Market Research and Benchmarking
  • Malibu-Certified Valuation
  • Preparation for Market
  • Targeted Search/Suitor Selection
  • Deal Negotiating & Structuring
  • Finalize Closing & Integration

Keywords: Help Business Owners, Market Research, Value Drivers,

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Valuations | The Malibu Group

We do a thorough review of the historical numbers, take an objective look at the projections and look at how the market would treat our client's business in the coming years. We are often engaged to show our clients what their business could be worth in the future should they eventually decide to sell. We provide custom, in-depth, independent assessments of a company's value using a comprehensive suite of appraisal methods.


Malibu Strategic Purchase | The Malibu Group

We partner with companies and individuals to define acquisition strategies, explore the marketplace for candidates, persuade companies to sell to you and close the optimal deal. Structuring transaction terms and conditions and negotiating issues. Facilitating the due diligence process.


Malibu Growth Assessment | The Malibu Group

The Basic Growth Assessment provides a general valuation baseline from which to plan and measure growth; an overview of transactions currently taking place in your industry; insight into what potential buyers, including private equity funds, are looking for in your space; and basic recommendations for increasing the value of your business.


Succession Planning | The Malibu Group

Consider that you may either have to choose among several capable successors or you may have to accept the fact that none of the family members really want to carry on in the business after you leave. Planning an exit strategy with a professional advisor early enough in the process can go a long way toward increasing the value of the business when it's time to leave.