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Training In Photonics CAD:

Reduce your design time, improve your productivity, get the most out of your

CAD software!

Photonics CAD software is an investment that you need to protect by ensuring that you are getting the most out of your purchase. To help you improve your understanding and expertise of Photon Design software packages, Technix by CBS offers a variety of structured training programs at reasonable prices.

  • Fixed Training Programs — Technix by CBS is able to provide progressive training programs from beginner through intermediate to advanced. This sequence of training sessions can be spread out over a time frame fit to your convenience.
  • Customized Training Programs — Technix by CBS is also able to provide customized programs tailored to suit your requirements, time frame, skill level and budget.

Consultancy And Design Services: Take advantage of the expertise of Technix by CBS. Not sure about investing in photonics simulation software because you can’t afford the man power or need it for only a limited part of your research? Or maybe you have software but don’t have the time to use it?As distributors of Photon Design’s family of software products
& our many years of multinational experience in using a wide
variety of optical CAD software and providing training makes us perfectly suited to offer expert consultancy & design services in most fields of optics and nanophotonics.
We specialize in the modeling of integrated optics, fibres, photonic integrated circuits & photonic crystals.
  • Cost effective — Pay as and when you need the service
  • Immediate results — No learning curve as you get to grips with the software
  • Full arsenal of simulation tools — No need to invest in multiple software packages
  • Instant expertise — Our team have many years in photonics simulation
  • No time cost for you — Allows you to focus your resources elsewhere


  • Design of passive photonics components and PICs
  • Performance tolerance analysis
  • Structure & performance optimization
  • Mask Layout (GDSII)

Component Test And Characterization Services:

Technix by CBS provides component testing and characterization services using Inometrix’s Virtual Reference™ Analyser to ensure optimization of your fabrication processes and devices.


is the most accurate commercial system for measuring the dispersion properties of optical components. The system is based on Inometrix’s patent-pending Virtual Reference™ Technology which eliminates the need for expensive temperature control and error-inducing calibration to provide a consistently stable measurement making it a perfect tool

for providing this service.


  • Fiber/waveguide testing (including PCF, DCF)
  • Non-linear optical devices
  • Fiber lasers
  • Quality Assurance Testing

Measurement Capability:

  • Chromatic Dispersion (CD)
  • Dispersion Parameter (D)
  • Group Delay (GD)
  • Group Index (GI)
  • Group Velocity (GV)
  • Group Velocity Dispersion (GVD)

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