SERVICES:Custom Synthesis --- TC Scientific Inc. --- Acceleration with our services

By: TC Scientific  09-12-2011

We offer custom synthesis of intermediates, novel scaffolds, optically active compounds, active pharmaceutical ingredients, reference compounds and lead compounds to help our clients in their drug discovery and chemical development efforts either on a project basis or under a fixed term contract. We can transfer clients' chemical processes from laboratory scale to the pilot plant and production scale by identifying faster and cheaper synthetic paths and intermediates.

We also provide custom synthesis of stable isotope rich products for non-radioactive in-vivo metabolic tracing and analysis.

Experts in syntheses of:

Carbohydrate compounds

Chiral compounds

Crown ethers


Functionalized Heterocycles (furans, pyrroles, thiophens, pyridine, indoles, quillines, flavins etc.)

Functionalized polymers

Organoboron compounds

Organohalogen compounds

Organophosphorus compounds

Organosilicon compounds

Organosulfur compounds


We provide timely and cost-effective solutions for the synthesis of simple as well as complex chemical entities ranging from milligram to multi-kilogram quantities. We have the knowledge, experience and capability to provide you with a high quality service at a reasonable price.

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SERVICES:Process Research and Development --- TC Scientific Inc. --- Acceleration with our services

We can work together with our customers' technology groups to assimilate the new process into the manufacturing facility and help customers manufacture their products more efficiently. Our process research and development team is able to develop a safe and economical process that can be utilized on a commercial scale. We can optimize a developed process by using our experience with different equipment, certain raw materials or unit operations.


SERVICES:Scale-Up --- TC Scientific Inc. --- Acceleration with our services

If you do not have a demonstrated route, our extraordinarily talented, creative and experienced scale-up team can develop new and proprietary routes to meet or exceed your expectations. If you already have a demonstrated route and need to reproduce in a timely and cost-effective manner, our scale-up team will meet your expectations. We will identify and develop steps as appropriate for scale or safety considerations.


SERVICES:Medicinal Chemistry --- TC Scientific Inc. --- Acceleration with our services

We can design and optimize a narrow set of analogs based on SAR analysis, pharmacophore modeling, safety concerning, chemical purity, in vitro potency, in vivo efficacy, pharmacokinetic and ADME-Toxicity profile. We are committed to having close communication with our clients to understand their needs, to establish project objectives, and to adapt and evolve R&D plans in response to experimental results.