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By: Taylor Brownlee Personnel  09-12-2011

Employment Immigration Services – Taylor Brownlee Personnel Ltd.

Employment Immigration Services

No matter what industry you do business in, if you are interested in exploring the benefits of hiring temporary foreign workers, we can guide you through the process. Following is a summary of services our Employment and Immigration Division offers employers who are considering hiring temporary foreign workers within Canada.

Service Canada

Employers: LMO Application

  • We process the Labour Market Opinion required for temporary foreign workers on behalf of prospective employers.
  • We assist employers with filing and processing documents necessary to apply for the LMO.
  • We instruct employers on how to retain temporary foreign workers and monitor the foreign workers work permit expiration dates.
  • We educate employers on how they can assist temporary foreign workers who are interested in becoming permanent residents in Canada and offer follow-up support.

Citizenship and Immigration

For Temporary Foreign Workers: Work Permit

  • If you are a temporary foreign worker, we can assist you in completing the application for the work permit so it can be submitted to Citizenship and Immigration.
  • We will assess your situation and inform you about any and all Canadian requirements involved in your particular occupation, trade or profession.
  • We can provide detailed information about a wide variety of careers that fall into several categories, including regulated occupations, regulated professions and regulated trades.
  • If you are a temporary foreign worker and desire to become a permanent resident of Canada, we can provide information about the requirements and documentation necessary and assist in the application process.

Other Support:

  • We facilitate information sessions for temporary foreign workers designed to help them connect to the community and adapt to their workplace.  These sessions include information and orientation seminars for newcomers and refererals to community services and volunteers.
  • We educate temporary foreign workers in promoting safety in their workplace.
  • We can assist temporary foreign workers in finding and settling into their temporary residence.

President Analyn Brownlee oversees our Employment and Immigration Division. Please contact her for additional information on how we can support your business and assist in the hiring of temporary foreign workers.

Note: Processing fees are the responsibility of the employer. Taylor Brownlee Personnel Ltd. does not charge any fees to candidates,  including temporary foreign workers, for assistance in job placement.

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