Taber Solids Control (1998) Ltd

By: Taber Solids Control  09-12-2011
Keywords: dewatering, Solids Control

Manufacturer, sales, service, and rental of Centrifuges, including all associated equipment for drill mud, sumpless drilling and dewatering of industrial and municipal sludges. OIL & GAS
Our centrifuge packages insure formation solids are removed from the drill mud economically and efficiently. With our complete dewatering packages we perform the necessary procedures to insure uninterrupted operation for the drilling company. Sump dewatering service creates a stackable solid(s) that is easy to handle. This creates a manageable product that can economically be shipped or disposed of in lieu of sludge. MUNICIPAL AND INDUSTRIAL LAGOONS Water Treatment and Waste Water Lagoons Our complete dewatering package produces a workable solid that can be stored or moved. Whether the product is composted, land filled or used as day cover, it has an economic effect on our environment. During the solids removable process all reclaimable water is salvaged insuring proper uninterrupted waste water management. Taber Solids Control  is dedicated to finding Environmentally  Acceptable solutions,  through innovative research and development.

Keywords: dewatering, Solids Control