By: Synodon  09-12-2011
Keywords: Remote Sensing, Gas Measurements

Synodon Inc. is a remote sensing company focusing on providing various datasets to energy companies in order to help them improve their energy efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance as well as reduce their environmental footprint.

Examples of datasets that are of interest to the energy industry include aerial imagery, thermal and terrain mapping, vegetation and ground type, etc. Together with some of this more general information, Synodon also provides highly sensitive gas measurements with its patent pending, flagship realSens™(remote alkane Sensing) technology.

Applications for the SVCR technology extend well beyond the core realSens™project, as the technology could be applied to remote sensing of many gases or future airborne or satellite based remote sensing solutions. In parallel with bringing to market the hydrocarbon detection service, Synodon is actively pursuing these future applications.

Keywords: Gas Measurements, Remote Sensing,