About Steppingstones online survey and research services

By: Surveys Plus  09-12-2011

W e can provide advice and assistance in helping you develop a professional questionnaire that will get you the answers you need.

If you wish to keep your survey confidential, we can restrict viewing and access to the questionnaire – either by not publicizing the location (except to the respondents) and/or by requiring a password to view and complete it.

You can either do the survey under your own company/organization name, or if you wish to remain anonymous, under Steppingstones / Surveys-Plus.

Your online survey can be run parallel with a traditional paper and pencil survey; this gives your respondents a convenient option to answer the questionnaire.

We have the expertise and statistical tools to comprehensively analyze and “mine” your data; we can do much more than just give your frequencies.

In our analyses, we can help you differentiate your audience into distinct market segments and demographic groups to enable you to target your marketing and/or communications more effectively.

If you need a graphs, tables or a complete written report on your survey, we can provide that service as well.