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By: Stellarton Technology  09-12-2011
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TimeMateTM 2000

Well Head Production Control

Compact.. electronic controller provides an easy to use, low maintenance solution for well head, production equipment or pipeline control. Whether your need is for a well head timer, high/low pressure switch or basic plunger lift control system, the TimeMateTM 2000 is the right choice at the right price.

TufSealTM.. is the ultimate protection against bad weather, well head gases, salt spray and the physical demands of oil field applications. A proprietary manufacturing process applies a hard, toughened epoxy coating to environmentally seal sensitive electronics from the well head environment.

Set and Go Options.. allow custom configuration to meet specific well control requirements. Use the FramMateTM PC software to access and activate basic or advanced features as production requirements change without having to buy another controller. The FramMateTM software also allows personalizing the service information display for well identification or other important information.

User friendly.. control panel simplifies operation. Pres the TIME key to set cycle time. Use the < > key to select Hrs., Min. or Sec. Then simply adjust the time using the ^ add key or v subtract key. That's all there is to it. The GOTO key provides informative well data such as total OFF and On time/count, a battery voltage and current well status with remaining cycle time. A removable, screw terminal block allows quick and easy hook-up to external sensors and controls.

Flexible Power.. system uses rechargeable Nimh batteries as well as any external 3.6 Vdc to 24 Vdc power source. A convenient external power jack allows easy hook-up to external power sources and solar panels for added battery charging or for normal operation without the TimeMate 2000's rechargeable batteries installed.

Reliable.. long term performance is a major benefit gained from the evolution and refinement of the TimeMate's advanced electronics. The patented Enhanced Valve Switching (EVS) and SunSmart technologies combine to ensure reliable, long term performance irrespective of battery charge condition and temperature. Solenoid valve controls and external sensor connections are protected from damaging static electric shock and lightning discharge. Low power operation, field proven software and rugged packaging provide a high level of field reliability.


  • Easy-to-use Panel - user friendly setup
  • Rechargeable Batteries - replaceable Nimh batteries
  • TufSeal® Protection - weatherproof electronics seal
  • Simple Sensor Hook-Up - removable terminal block
  • EVS® Valve Control - voltage independent operation
  • No Back-Up Battery remembers settings and data
  • Rugged and Durable shatterproof solar panel
  • Affordable Price fits any budget

PC Software:

  • FramMateTM custom setup and configuration


  • Stripper Well Timer
  • Hi/Low Switch Control
  • Plunger/Gas Lift
  • Compressor Controller
  • Tank Battery Control
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • Flow Rate Control
  • Chemical Injection

Open the front of a TimeMateTM 2000 controller and you'll see a neatly organized and weather sealed unit. Solar panel shown in the Winter charging position. Made to take on nature and win!

TimeMateTM 2000 Specifications

Manufactured under U.S. Patents 4,150,721, 4,352,376, 6,194,793 and 6,462,507.

Enclosure: Display:
Weight 3.0 lbs. (1,4kg.) Type 32-character LCD Display Temperature controlled contrast with automatic timed off control
Dimensions 3.5"W x 3.65 "H x 3.5 "D
(8.9cm x 9.3cm x 8.9cm)
Type Reinforced Thermoplastic NEMA 4X Rated Window Non-glare, double hardened optical acrylic
Power: Pneumatic Control:
Standard 2xAA Cell Battery Holder Rechargeable Nimh Cells Type Latching solenoid w/ dual port manifold
Fittings Female 1/4-18 NPT with nickel plating
Pressure 100 /- 10 psi maximum
Charger: Hook-Up Terminals :
Internal Type Removable screw block 7-Terminal #18-24 AWG
Power Jack Connection
Regulated @ 82 mA max.
Regulated @ 5 Vdc max.
3.6-16.0 Vdc with 1.2 W max. power dissipation
Rayovac PS4 (4-AA Cell) 115 Vac Power Supply and Automobile Lighter Plug

1 - pgr Plunger Switch
2 - gnd Common
3 - Ip OFF Switch
4 - gnd Common
5 - hp ON Switch
6 - gnd Common
7 - sync Ext. Sync Output

Temperature: Certifications:
Operating -20F to 150F
(-30C to 65C)
CSA Non-Incendive Instrinsically Safe for Class I Groups C and D Hazardous Locations

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