SOS Ministries, Dr Stefan Sos » Slovenia

By: Sos Ministries  09-12-2011

SOS Ministries, Dr Stefan Sos » Slovenia

Maribor is one of the fast growing churches in Slovenia. Pastor Srecko Kranjc and  missionary Viktor Andrejek are mobilizing the believers to reach the city with the message of Christ. Dr. Sos taught a  two day seminar on “Evangelism”. Believers from other Pentecostal churches  joined in for this two day seminar.

 In the evenings and on Sunday morning,  Dr. Sos ministered with the word of God. The move of the Holy Spirit was evident in each service. At the conclusion of the services, Dr. Sos and Barbara prayed for healing and special needs. All in all great weekend of ministry.

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SOS Ministries, Dr Stefan Sos » Philippines

Evangelist Conrado Pedro (right bottom), member of the CFC, gave a remarkable testimony, how the Lord, after he got saved, and a call to ministry, blessed him. Because he was illiterate and could not read his Bible, the Lord appeared to him in his dreams and taught him the alphabet and reading. In just a few months he could read and start his ministry. SOS Ministries, Dr Stefan Sos» Philippines.