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By: Sns Technologists  09-12-2011

You probably don’t think much about what would happen to your data should disaster strike….but what if the worst does happen? Shouldn’t you be prepared in case of theft, flood, or fire? What if your server fails or your hard drive crashes? Without measures in place to protect and retrieve your critical data, your business could be affected in a big way.

Backup and disaster recovery prepares you in case of misfortune, making it possible to recover the information that will keep your business running. It can also eliminate the inconvenience associated with a server failure or hard drive crash, making it easy for you to simply pick up where you left off.

  • Regular data backups
  • Online backup of information to a secure offsite location
  • Mirrored hard drives that allow you to keep working if your hard drive fails
  • Mirrored servers that allow for easy exchange in case of a server failure
  • Back up of critical applications and operating systems
  • Temporary backups that lets you keep working while your system is repaired
  • Proactive maintenance to ensure that your systems don’t fail

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