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By: Shamballa Healing Center  09-12-2011

One of the tables used by me is hand crafted by Stepping Stones Healing of Calgary Alberta, and is very sturdy, holding up to 1000 pounds in weight.


Cost of Services vary, depending on type, distance, the client/student's financial situation, etc. 

Regular costs for Reiki/Shamballa/Ethereal Crystals/Lemurian Indigo Connections treatments are $60 plus GST per treatment if you come to my office. I charge approximately $70 plus GST per treatment if I have to travel to you (locally, depending on travel time and within the City of Edmonton), and $60 plus GST for distance treatments locally, nationally and internationally. A treatment usually lasts anywhere from 55 to 60 minutes, depending on the work needing to be done.

A brief  check in period and consultation is usually the norm before each treatment, to see how the last treatment faired, and to see if there have been any new concerns surface between treatments.

Times vary for distance treatments and courses, national and international, depending on various criteria, including time of day, and time zone differences.

Note: All courses past Usui Shiki Ryoho, recommended prerequisite is Usui Shiki Ryoho Level III (Master Teacher). This gives you a solid base for the rest. Some require Kundalini Reiki Level 9 (Master Teacher) as a prerequisite as well, depending on the course. Once you take these courses and receive the subsequent attunements you will understand why the prerequisites are in place.

This energy is very strong. Distance attunements and treatments by me are given with Chi Balls, a very strong energy transfer system, easy to learn, invaluable to have at one's disposal.

Ministerial Services

As a Minister, my goals are to be able to counsel the many people who are in  need of spiritual guidance. As well as offering help to the physical body to regenerate and heal, I feel that the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies need  just as much, if not more, attention.

I think of human beings as being like a small piece of a much larger jigsaw puzzle that we refer to as "I Am", "The One", "The All". Therefore, if we do not heal each individual piece, we do not heal the whole.

I also believe in the "100th Monkey" principle. Sometimes it doesn't even take half of a population to make a change.

Affecting a huge majority can be accomplished, sometimes, by impacting a smaller percentage, whereby the domino or some other enabling effect comes into play and the whole are affected. See my forum for the whole book on this theory.

I wish for all facets of you, all facets of me, all facets of the universe, all facets of God/dess, to come together in unity and realize that we are all One. I am that I am.


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Reverend Annie - Packages

During most treatments, I will ask certain questions before, during, and/or after your treatment about your health to help heal you better. Please specify at time of booking whether the treatment is in the office or distance. This is for local treatments in my office, or Distance treatments only. These are by appointment only, and must be booked ahead of time. During the first appointment there are forms to be filled out.