Sentai Software - Companion Implementation Program

By: Sentai  09-12-2011

A software implementation project implies positive organizational change. The greater the benefits to be achieved from the implementation, the greater the impact of change. Consequently, there is an increased need for effective change management.

"If the implementation and support horror stories that I hear about from other people about their software vendors are ´Night´, then Sentai is ´Day´."
Douglas Larson, Thermoseal

The Companion Implementation Program was developed over many years of implementing Sentai software for a vast array of companies around the world. It is designed to help each of our clients take full advantage of the exciting opportunities presented by new technology while minimizing the hardships of transition. The Companion Implementation Program offers the benefit of our knowledge and experience applied to scrutinizing your business processes and strategies as an integral part of developing a tailored enterprise-wide software solution. At the same time, the Companion Implementation Program helps you to plan and manage the learning curve.

A key vehicle that transforms Sentai into a successful international business solution is the Companion Implementation Program Implementation Methodology. The Companion Implementation Program Methodology provides consistent, client-focused implementations. It gives you and your company added value because we provide you with a dedicated team that works with you and your staff to determine how best to apply technology not only for today's issues but also for your future plans. In this way, your investment is guaranteed to grow with you and to play a pivotal role in how you understand your business, allowing you to strategize and to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

The Companion Implementation Program is a highly structured, proven implementation methodology that successfully guides you and your company through a seven step process. The process begins with an in-depth analysis of your business requirements and proceeds all the way to an on-site review six months following your Go-live to fine tune your systems and develop on-going strategies so that you can continually maximize your efficiencies and exploit all of the features resident in your application. The Companion Implementation Program saves you time and money and is part of the reason why Sentai provides broad functionality at a lower total cost of ownership than our competition.

A Sentai implementation marks the beginning of an important partnership, one that is based on teamwork. Any software implementation can be stressful to your company's fiscal and personnel resources. By working with you and your company as a team, Sentai delivers proven, successful solutions to the challenges that you may encounter during such a critical voyage of time and resources. With the utilization of the Companion Implementation Program, you will reach your destination efficiently and on time.

Sentai's implementation teams are dedicated to your long-term success and financial concerns. Unlike consultant dependent implementation teams, Sentai teams are assessed according to your success and the timeliness of the implementation - not by the hours billed. Teams are selected according to strict criteria which consider personalities, related experience, and the size of the project to ensure an overall comfort level and minimal stress for your personnel.

Our trained implementation team provides professional advice on how to deal with all project related issues. These include establishing business requirements, finding solutions that make users happy and increase efficiency, meeting  planned deadlines, maintaining financial control over the project, handling the transition to the new system, and providing adequate documentation and training.

The consistent application of the Companion Implementation Program results in efficient, effective, and better managed projects for every client. It also provides the basis for an Implementation Knowledge Base that ranges across a wide spectrum of industries. With the Companion Implementation Program, we are able to pass on the benefits of this experience and knowledge to you.

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