DENIM | Room 322

By: Room Three Two Two  09-12-2011

DENIM | Room 322

Denim with a Purpose

It is a simple basic equation:

African Cotton + Japanese Denim Manufacture = High quality Denim

The underlining principle of PRPS is to produce “Denim with a Purpose”. PRPS (Short for Purpose) strives to achieve the perfect denim through washing techniques, manufacturing and quality materials. In the fashion world PRPS is perfect the high class low profile dresser.

PRPS makes a variety of different styles of denim, but the VDK Barrcuda is a dark wash denim. Throughout the denim you will notice dresses marks and has a brownish fade that give an aged appearance.  Even on the button detail you can see aged appearance chipped away paint. On the inside pant pockets feature the main PRPS character and on the opposite pocket PRPS’ mission statement.

To wrap everything up PRPS is man who pays attention to the detail and respects quality. Expect this brand to hit Room 322 next month, but be sure to drop by to see a pair in person.

Retail: PRPS – VDK Barracuda BA$500

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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