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Risk-Can Underwriting Managers Inc. is a wholesale insurance organization dedicated to serving retail brokers throughout Canada. Specializing in Sports, Leisure, Culture, Tourism, Outdoors, Recreation, Hockey, Special Event and Entertainment insurance needs.

Adventure Tourisml is one the fastest growing sectors of the tourism industry in North America. Today Adventure Travel appeals to all walks of life. Many travelers who are no longer fulfilled with traditional vacation choices choose Adventure Tourism.Adventure Tourism is an outdoor leisure activity that generally takes place in an unusual, exotic, remote or wilderness setting and involves some form of unconventional means of transportation and tends to be associated with high, medium and low levels of physical activity.Risk-Can Underwriting Managers has a solution for the increasing popularity of Adventure Tourism, helping to remove one of the obstacles that once posed road blocks to tour organizers. Providing liability coverage for adventure tour operators has helped open parks and recreational areas that used to be off limits to groups in search of "authentic" outdoor experiences.At Risk-Can Underwriting Managers, all Adventure Tourism activities are grouped into categories that reflect the level of risk, training and qualifications of the guide.

Comprehensive General Liability Limits up to $5,000,000

Activities Covered

- Consist of the guided tours and premises of the insured.

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Risk-Can Underwriting Managers offers a program that is designed for group or individual exercise instructors, personal fitness trainers, gyms, health clubs and fitness studios. Activities at your facility including weight lifting, swimming, Jacuzzi, juice bars, whirlpool, courts and aerobics to mention a few examples can be included on the policy.



Within our program we are able to consider a wide variety of risks consisting of, but not limited to: oilfield, logging trucks and trailers, gravel trucks, livestock trucks and trailers, automobile haulers, PLUS MUCH MORE!!. Risk-Can Underwriting Managers - provider of auto, home, motorcycle, rv, business, commercial, sports, fitness and hole-in-one insurance needs.



With the strength of our network of insurers and the knowledge of our experienced team we can find the best solution for you, because at Risk-Can Underwriting Managers, "If you have a Risk, we Can help you out.". Specializing in Sports, Leisure, Culture, Tourism, Outdoors, Recreation, Hockey, Special Event and Entertainment insurance needs.