Rigsmart Systems | Credentials / Certifications

By: Rigsmart  09-12-2011


Rigsmart’s systems are made fully Class 1, Division 2 rated and safe for use in hazardous locations. The radio system is also safe for use around down-hole tools including perforating tools (electronic detonators).

The Rigsmart System is approved and/or meets or exceeds the guidelines set forth by the following regulatory bodies.

If you require further information about a guideline or approval required for your application, contact Rigsmart at 1-780-438-9475 and speak to one of our safety professionals.

Other products and services from Rigsmart


Rigsmart Systems - Data Acquisition and Display System

Rigsmart’s Data Acquisition and Display package is designed to obtain operating information such as pressures, pump rates, BOP ram locations and engine speed and clearly display them for the operator. This wireless system can support up to two large, mobile touch-screen displays and network to your existing internet connection for remote monitoring and maintenance.


Rigsmart Systems - Anti-Collision System

The Rigsmart Anti-Collision System helps keep the operator from colliding the rig blocks or top drive with the crown, floor, racking board, derrick structure and other moving equipment. This wireless system can be used to slow down and then stop the rig prior to a collision happening.


Rigsmart Systems - Speed Control System

Rigsmart’s Speed Control system integrates with the rig’s existing throttle and braking systems to slow down block movement before a hard stop collision point is reached. During block travel in the upwards direction, the system integrates into the rig’s throttle and slows the blocks down as they approach the crown. The system works in conjunction with the Anti-Collision system utilizing the same control panel and power supplies.


Rigsmart Systems - Snubsmart System

The system monitors the status of BOP rams and automatically cuts the drawworks throttle when the rams are closed, preventing pipe from being pulled through closed rams. The Rigsmart Snubsmart System is a unique system designed specifically for snubbing units.