Auto Repairs 2 Tips for Your Mechanic!

By: Revolution Motors  18-02-2013
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When your vehicle starts to indicate signs of trouble (such as it won’t start, overheats, idles rough, or stalls), how can you figure out what kind of auto repairs are needed to fix the cause of the problem? Rather than have your mechanic try to fix the problem based on guesswork, and then you end up paying for work that really wasn’t needed, it should be diagnosed correctly. The two tips below will head your mechanic in the right direction for the necessary auto repairs, eliminating charges for repairs for issues that were not the real problem. 2 Tips for Your Mechanic: Pay attention to what you see, hear, and feel what is happening to your vehicle. Take a few minutes and jot down some notes so that you can relay the problem signs in concise and descriptive terms. These 2 simple tips will save you time, money, and frustration, and you will get the correct auto repairs. Here are a few of the common problem areas of basic auto repair that you will want to keep an eye on: brakes (pads, drums, rotors), no-starts (battery, starter, fuel filter, etc) suspension (shocks, axles, alignment, balancing) strange noises (“rattles, ticks, grind, and crunches”) warning lights (check engine light flickers, or stays on) transmission (engine repairs) muffler and exhaust system A/C system/heating unit electrical system (spark plugs, combustion) For quality auto repairs and expert advice, contact the skilled auto mechanics at Revolution Motors. They will be happy to take care of your vehicle and provide you with professional service. From a basic oil change to a premium brake replacement, our skilled auto mechanics can keep your car rolling smoothly and safely down the road. Contact our certified technicians today or go on-line at for more information.

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