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By: Rasoi India  09-12-2011
Keywords: Spices, Indian Cuisine, Indian Restaurant

As India has a diverse culture. The Indian food is also as diverse as its culture, its religions, geography, climatic conditions and traditions. All of these combine to influence the preparation of Indian food.

In India, preparation of food is an art, perfected over time and passed through generation by just word of mouth. Food is also an important part of Indian festivals and traditions; no celebration is complete without a feast. Special preparations are a must during festivals.

At the heart of Indian cuisine is spice -- carefully overlaid, one on the other, into dishes, with care.

Walk into an Indian home or into a good Indian restaurant and you will be engulfed by a wave of heavenly aromas. The Indian kitchen's range of spices is hard to beat in terms of variety, color and aroma.

The house guest is looked as a visiting God in India, and treated with attendant respect. By and large, home food is influenced by such factors as climate, nutritional balance and religion.

·         Rasoi means " Indian Kitchen" and it is the most important and special place for every Indian home. In fact, it is the soul of every Indian house. Indian cookery today is an incarnation of the cooking techniques of numerous nationalities and civilizations connected with India for more than a thousand years. Indian food is beautiful to behold and pleases the palate. It is good for body and mind and is an experience to cherish.

Indian cuisine is framed for its variety and infinitely subtle blends of aromatic spices and seasonings that flavor meat, legumes and vegetables. The Indian food also reflects the diversity of culture, geography and religion which this vast country has to offer. But what does not vary throughout the country is the care & sophistication with which the food is prepared and cooked, and the value that is attached to its excellence and flavor. From the rich meat based dishes of north to the simple legume based diet of south, food is the way of life, with many social and religious rituals surrounding it, and throughout the whole country it is the source of great enjoyment and celebration.

Keywords: Indian Cuisine, Indian Restaurant, Spices