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By: Prusik  09-12-2011
Keywords: Project Management, leadership, Change Management

Our Services

Projects and Program Management

Prusik Innovations works with your project stakeholders to put your project back on track and, as an option, continues moving it forward to successful completion via ongoing mentoring (preferred) or by assigning a fully qualified Project Managment Professional (PMPĀ®) under contract.

For every mile of road there are two miles of ditches.

Project Management Staffing

Prusik Innovations provides qualified project management expertise (e.g., project managers, administrators, coordinators, facilitators and schedulers) on contract to meet your business needs.

Project Office Setup

Project-driven companies need an effective Project Office to properly manage a portfolio of corporate initiatives. As with any business portfolio, there are often more opportunities than resources. Successful companies instil project management knowledge and discipline in all team members, not just their project managers. Prusik Innovations assists your organization in justifying, planning and implementing your Enterprise Project Management Council and Project Support Office(s).

Strategy Development and Portfolio Management

In some engagements we discover that perceived weaknesses in project or program management stem from weakly articulated, underdeveloped or non-existent business strategy. The ability of an organization to make intelligent decisions in funding and directing a portfolio of strategic initiatives must be grounded in solid, easily communicated business strategy. Prusik Innovations can coach your leadership team through proven strategy development and stakeholder engagement processes.

Change Management

Change Capacity Development and Process Design

Effective project management capabilities are crucial in bridging the gap between strategy and successful implementation through the best utilization of your scarce resources. Standardizing the project management process is the first and most important step your company must undertake to continually reduce the time-to- market of your products and services. The use of rigorous change management and operational readiness methodology is often the difference between projects producing "deliverables" and the measurable business results truly transformational projects deliver. An imbedded approach to managing significant change can be a strategic advantage for organizations in our turbulent times. Prusik Innovations facilitates building these critical capabilities and supporting processes within your company to ensure the proper application of project and change management discipline using innovative methodologies that meld with how you do business.

Change Management Consulting

Whether you are initiating a merger, acquisition, divestiture or reengineering your company's processes, transforming your operation will require more than just running a portfolio of change projects. You need to understand and articulate the impact major change will have on your employees, customers and investors. When investors, customers, suppliers and employees are distracted by change or even the promise of change, they are not spending time investing, buying, supplying or producing. You can deploy a proven methodology for engaging them in business transformation to ensure promised business results. Prusik Innovations engages experienced facilitators and analysts to help you assess and mitigate change stressors for your stakeholders.

Team Facilitation and Training

Project Skills Development

Prusik Innovations mentors project teams within all project management knowledge areas (integration, scope, quality, time, cost, risk, procurement, human resources and communications). Whether planning, controlling, executing or closing a project, team facilitation transfers wisdom from experienced project managers into your company.

Risk Assessment & Management

Most projects typically overrun their schedule and budget, or fail completely, by not effectively managing risks. Utilizing proven techniques, Prusik Innovations facilitates stakeholder interaction to identify, analyze and quantify your project risks thus allowing proactive team response on an ongoing basis. What you don't know can hurt you. You should consider this minimal expense as project insurance.

Value Driver and Risk Assessment Workshops

While these are two of the methodologies used by Prusik Innovations project leaders in any engagement, we also understand that some clients may just need a little extra boost to existing project and senior leadership teams through custom designed sessions. Our initial assessment will help you determine the best intervention for your organization.

Customized Project Management Workshops

Whether you want to achieve a basic understanding of project management for intact project teams or require targeted learning for specific team members, we can develop and deliver learning experiences tailored to you organization's learning needs.

Leadership Development

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." - John F. Kennedy

Prusik Innovations is dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organizations recognize and strive for their full potential. We believe that one of the prime responsibilities of great leadership is to grow new leaders whether it is in our own or our client organizations. Leadership development is not a standalone service that we offer. It is a consequence of the way we engage our team members and our clients.

Keywords: Change Management, leadership, Management Expertise, Project Management