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By: Protective Services  09-12-2011

The University of Alberta is by size, the second largest University in Canada and is located in Edmonton, the provincial capital of Alberta. On any given day, there are 60,000 people on campus-roughly the equivalent to the population of Red Deer. Compared to other Universities its size, the U of A is one of the safest in North America. This is because the U of A actively publishes campus crime statistics and builds community-oriented solutions to deal with the identified problems. Community service continues to be the guiding philosophy for the University of Alberta Protective Services.

Each year, officers are asked to conduct Security Audits in conjunction with new building construction to ensure adequate lighting and natural surveillance. We also publish a comprehensive personal safety manual and emergency guide. Our department proactively patrols the campus by vehicle, bicycle and on foot.

We have adopted a proactive approach to crime prevention and safety awareness that places much of the emphasis and initiative for safety in the hands of the community. The University campus is a large one, and the safety of the people who live, work and study in this community is everyone responsibility.

The cooperation, involvement and personal support of the entire campus community is crucial to the success of our crime prevention efforts. If you have any questions or would like to become involved with any crime prevention initiative, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design - Protective Services

That the proper design and effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction in the incidence and fear of crime -- and to an increase in the quality of life."Timothy D. Crowe. We are committed to the principles of CPTED and we invite you to contact one of our CPTED certified members to assist you in making your environment as safe as possible.


Victim Witness Assistance - Protective Services

UAPS officers are able to provide victims and witnesses with a copy of the Victims of Crime Protocol which details what to expect from the criminal justice system, a description of victim and witness responsibilities and points of contact for needed services.


Blue Phones - Protective Services

The phones are located along three of the busiest pedestrian corridors, one near the LRT Station on 89 Avenue & 113 St., one near the south east corner of Stadium Carpark and the third near the southwest corner of Triffo Hall. In addition, the steady blue light atop the phone pedestal will turn to a brilliant strobe when the phone emergency button is activated, drawing the attention of anyone in the immediate area.


Campus Alert - Protective Services

If the message does not involve a crime in progress and you have information about the incident, please call Protective Services at 492-5050 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS. If the message requests your assistance in locating a suspicious person in your area or warns of a crime in progress. Contact Protective Services at 492-5050 and relay the following information. Ensure your own safety (i.e. do not attempt to apprehend suspects).