By: Pleasant Solutions  09-12-2011

The Pleasant Solutions Framework is a large group of “software engines” (reusable blocks of software) which form a foundation that can be used to assist with a variety of projects.

How Does The Framework Help?

With the Pleasant Framework, building custom software does not necessarily mean starting from scratch, but rather building upon years of developed code. Bottom line: this saves you money.

Note that in these examples, no code unique to a specific project or unique to custom business processes is shared between clients. No trade secrets, from any client, are divulged and each client still specifies their custom needs exactly. All our software remains custom built, just using larger building blocks.

Most Common

• Pleasant reusable core

• Advanced configuration system

• Advanced report module

• Encryption system

• Copyright security module

• Automatic Update engine

• Ecommerce integration module

• Plugin architecture

• Compression module


User Interface

• Browser tabs system

• Handheld screen system

• User interface customizer module

• Language translation module

Complete Modules

• Accounting module

• Inventory module

• Shipping module

• Online quiz module

• Time entry and reporting module

• Terms and Conditions module


• Universal measurements converter

• Geography and address module

• Code generation system

• Visual object-modelling canvas

• Advanced data relationships system

• Game-rule engine

• Portrait Maker face modeller

• Heuristic game rule summarizer

• Ecommerce integration module

• Phone System (PBX) Integration

• InfoCanada integration

• Excel export and import

• QuickBooks integration

• Postoffice integration module


• Advanced database module

• ActiveWriter database interface

• Pleasant Visual Data Modeller

• Advanced database updater

• Legacy database adapter


• Embedded audio player

• Embedded video player

• Advanced midi music processor

• Slideshow presentation module


• Software as a service (SaaS) server

• Error and usage information server

• Offline synchronization module

Licensing Of The Framework

The Pleasant Framework allows you to build on common requests we have completed in the past, yet this would not be possible if previous clients owned the Framework. In addition, the total value of the Framework exceeds the value of even a sizeable project. For these reasons, offering full ownership of the Framework itself to any single client is not a possibility. However, it is extremely unlikely that a client would require ownership of the Framework, much like it is not required for our clients to own the rights to Microsoft Windows.

We provide all the licensing rights you need for unlimited use of the Framework within your custom project. If the project is intended to be resold as a product to many end users, reselling rights will be included and accounted for in the pricing.

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Pleasant Solutions Service

Every project has unique needs but here are some sample areas of experience where we can provide high quality software in reasonable time frames. Our world class development team does both new software projects based on your ideas, as well as fixing or extending old legacy software. Our proficiency in developing a wide variety of software allows us to develop software beneficial to any industry.



A simple program that lets you save your BlackBerry text messages to Windows text or Excel files so you can save, paste, or search them easily. Automatically keeps many Visual Studio solution files up to date with project dependencies. The simplest sales CRM possible for people who don't want big confusing systems. Best practices, utility code, and extensibility make development fast and easy.



Pleasant Solutions has many years of experience with sophisticated distributed systems, from standard web services, to complicated remote application deployment systems. Cell phones, PDAs, Windows Mobile devices, or other portable equipment, including embedded programs are everywhere. We can add efficiency and develop profitable applications.