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By: Planet Telecom  09-12-2011
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Recruitment is changing at a rapid pace.

Wouldn't it be great if you could make contact with these candidates and still have the ability to screen, manage, and respond to their expression of interest in a timely and orderly way?

The Resume Recording Mailbox by Planet Telecom delivers a toll free or local number that recruitment teams can publish in the body of their recruitment campaigns (Online job ads, Print Media, Billboard, Radio) which allows Job Seekers call and leave a "Resume Recording", get more information about a role, request a call back, or even (depending on the time day) talk live to an agent without the recruiter publishing their direct number.

A virtual system that allows for Job Seeker Candidates to have quicker and easier access to express interest in posted positions, without requiring access to the internet or their personal files.
Resume Recording can be configured in nearly endless ways, and can be customized by the client for each individual recruitment initiative if so desired.

For a very simple example - "Company A" is a Transportation company that is looking to recruit Class 1 Drivers.
Company A sets up a "Resume Recording Mailbox" and publishes the number within their job postings on Workopolis, in print media ads, on radio, or decaled on their fleet.
The Driver candidates call into this number that is displayed, is welcomed by a recording, and prompted to leave a voice version of their resume, along with their contact information
(Something like: "Thanks for calling the Company A Resume Recording Mailbox" - We're happy that you're looking to take the next step in your career with us. At the tone, please list off your name, contact information, and 3 most recent related jobs. Your message will be sent to a recruiter who will review your credentials, and if you are a good fit, we will contact you directly at the number you provide. We thank you for your interest, however only candidates who meet our criteria for this role will be contacted")

Dear Company ABC Recruiter
You were just left a 1:03 long message in your Class 1 Driver Job#12345 mailbox from 7802317343, on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 10:01:27 AM, so you might
want to check it when you get a chance.
Thank you for using Planet Telecom’s Resume Recording Mailbox.

For a more elaborate example (using the "Advanced" version of the product) - Company B is looking for Journeymen Electricians with supervisory experience, at least 5 years in the Oil & Gas field, and experience with high voltage.
Company B sets up a "Resume Recording Mailbox" and publishes the number within their recruitment advertising for Journeymen Electricians.
The Candidate calls the number - and is greeted with a recording that thanks them for their interest in the position, and lets them know that they will be prompted to enter some of their credentials in order to leave a message (this will be particularly useful for recruiters looking for the ability to screen candidates out based on experience).
The Candidate will be asked a question (Do you have your Journeyman Certificate? Press 1 for yes, 2 for no) and will move through the call flow, all the way through to a voicemail box that can be marked as high priority due to the fact that they meet the criteria laid out by the client.
For candidates that don't meet the pre-determined criteria, we can have them go to a default mailbox that allows the Job Seeker to still leave a message, (so the client organization is still presented properly to Job Seekers and doesn't burn any bridges) but messages in the secondary mailbox are marked as a lower priority.

Dear Company ABC Recruiter - High Priority
You were just left a 1:03 long message in your Journeyman Electrician #12345 mailbox from 7802317343, on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 10:01:27 AM.
This candidate has met the criteria you specified, so you might want to check it when you get a chance.
Thank you for using Planet Telecom’s Resume Recording Mailbox.

Dear Company ABC Recruiter - Low Priority
You were just left a 1:03 long message in your Journeyman Electrician #12345 mailbox from 7802317343, on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 10:01:27 AM.
This candidate has NOT met the criteria you specified.
Thank you for using Planet Telecom’s Resume Recording Mailbox.

Why it works:
Quicker, Easier Access to Candidates: Candidates today are in a market that GREATLY favors the Job Seeker. While recruiters continue to scramble for new and innovative ways to attract hard to find candidates, recruitment continues to become more and more difficult.
Having a really quick, easy way for a Job Seeker to express interest in your role is simply a smart thing to do. While a Candidate may not have their resume handy in print, or even access to the internet - they certainly know what they're capable of, and where they have worked in the past - allowing them to instantly connect with your recruiters - reducing potential lead time, and allowing your recruiter to set up an interview even sooner - potentially securing that candidate from the competition.

Recruit the Un-Recruitable: In the field, many trades-based users don't have resumes - and yet are very valuable hard to find candidates.
It's been a common complaint in Western Canada that Trades People are very difficult to recruit for online because of their lack of an updated resume, and a seeming aversion to applying online for jobs. Giving a Trades Person the ability to call a "recruitment hotline", and leave a "Resume Recording" 24/7 allows for additional contact with potentially un-recruitable candidates via traditional methods.

Configurable based on campaign: Tailor a Resume Recording Mailbox to best fit a campaign. Change settings, delivery options or, with our advanced and custom products, set rules for call overflow, after hours, and weekends.

Features at a glance:

-Local - Get a local number in many centres across Canada, showing your presence in that market - or, use a toll free number to allow for Job Seekers across the country to call for free.

-Quicker than logging in - Resume Recording enables fast, efficient and direct contact between Job Seekers and Recruitment team

-Enticing for users -Job Seekers no longer have to be at a computer to express their interest in your job posting. As well, users who don't have an up to date resume can make themselves visible, and engage in a conversation with the recruiter - extremely useful for trades based organizations

-Scalable and HIghly useable - Built from the ground up, with lots of room to add on additional numbers, mailboxes, and features. Use your Resume Recording number with Workopolis postings, in print campaigns, and other recruitment methods all at once.

-Customized - Clients are able to leverage features that are useful to the organization for the specific recruitment campaign, and nothing more. No more paying for features and services that aren't required.

-Automatic Renewal/Deletion - Clients can configure an automatic deletion of service after 30 days, by a competition close date, or a pre-set amount of time.

In a time when Candidates are demanding more, a recruitment campaign that offers a myriad of contact options is going to give you the ability to cast the widest net, and attract the best candidates.
Allowing candidates to contact you in the way that they find to be most useful will ensure that you are able to make the most of your recruitment spend, while being able to screen out unwanted and unsolicited applicants will keep your recruitment team on track.

Why not set up an appointment with one of our friendly, knowledgable Account Managers today, we would be happy to sit down and talk with you about your business, and how a Resume Recording Mailbox can augment your unique recruitment strategy.

Keywords: job seeker

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