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Paragon Soil and Environmental Consulting provides professional services and technical support for its clients covering a wide range of soil and environmental issues. The firm is trusted by its clients to provide well-informed, objective recommendations that address various soil management, land use, and environmental issues. Paragon's team of scientists and technologists works closely with researchers, regulators, and industry in order to streamline decision-making and provide practical, efficient solutions. We provide professional services and technical support in several disciplines:


We offer a wide range of services to the agricultural sector. From soil capability and soil quality evaluations, to irrigation and subdivision classifications, to soil conservation plans and manure management initiatives, Paragon has the experience to provide quality service.

Paragon has also been involved in developing methodologies to monitor carbon sequestration and in establishing long term monitoring plots in grassland ecosystems.

Our president calls on his farming background to provide insight into many of the pertinent issues facing regulators, landowners and producers today.

Contact: Leonard Leskiw, P.Ag.

  forest soils

Paragon provides service to many of Canada's largest resource companies. We offer soil surveys, capability assessments, and reclamation of disturbed lands. Our experience covers woodlots and leases. Paragon was intimately involved in the development of the Land Capability Classification System for Forest Ecosystems in the Oil Sands, which allows us to offer a unique profile to our clients.

Contact: Leonard Leskiw, P.Ag.


Paragon provides professional soil survey and vegetation data collection services essential to conservation and reclamation planning for coal mining projects. We have been involved since the 1970’s with numerous coal mines, both in the Plains and Foothill regions. Our experience allows us to provide clients with a unique understanding of many of the issues facing projects in an evolving regulatory climate.

Please contact us if you require help with any of the following:

  • • Baseline soil surveys

  • • Soil and vegetation monitoring programs

  • • Environmental impact assessments

  • • Land capability assessments

  • • Closure, conservation and reclamation planning

  • • Reclamation supervision

  • • Reclamation audits

  • • Material stripping supervision

  • • Research

Contact: Carlos Arregoces, P.Ag.

  oil sands

Oil Sands (Open Pit Mines and Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage)

Paragon provides services to many of the largest oil sands operations in Alberta. The development of our noted Land Capability Classification System for Forest Ecosystems in the Oil Sands (updated in 2006) allows us to offer clients a clear view of their pre-disturbance and reclaimed environments, while providing a platform for effective communication between government and industry.

We offer:

  • • Baseline soil surveys

  • • Environmental impact assessments

  • • Land capability assessments

  • • Closure, conservation and reclamation planning

  • • Reclamation supervision

  • • Reclamation audits

  • • Test-pitting

  • • Material stripping and placement supervision

  • • Research

Contact: Wade Pruett, P.Ag.


We have extensive experience throughout Alberta, as well as British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and the United States.

Soil surveys, conservation and reclamation plans, reclamation monitoring, problem mitigation, and post-abandonment assessment for certification are all provided by our pipeline team.

Whether it is an oil and gas project or a rural water distribution system, our team is ready to assist you in gaining regulatory approval and developing a sound reclamation plan.

Contact: Lee Waterman

  pipeline SCC

Pipeline SCC (Stress, Corrosion and Cracking)

Our stress, corrosion, and cracking team has been involved in the air photo interpretation and ground-truthing of several thousand kilometers of pipelines.

Using our terrain/soils/hydrology model, the accuracy of our risk analysis is high. With the current focus on pipeline corrosion by government regulators, we are poised to help companies manage their SCC program.

Contact: Lee Waterman

  soil ecology

Research has shown that soil organisms are actively involved in decomposition, nutrient cycling and soil formation. These below-ground inhabitants can be used as biological indicators of soil ecosystem integrity for soil reclamation and ecosystem management.

Studies we have been involved with include impacts of grazing, oil spills, silvicultural and agricultural practices on soil fauna as well as establishing baseline information on the diversity, density and distribution of soil organisms in natural, undisturbed forest and grassland habitats for long-term monitoring projects.

We support university, government and corporate research programs investigating various impacts on soil fauna, biodiversity and soil ecosystem function.

With one of only a few active experts in soil arthropod taxonomy in Canada on staff, Paragon has broadened the scope of its soils work. Integrating biological, chemical and physical soil properties develops a better understanding of soil ecosystem functioning, biodiversity and soil quality issues.

Contact: Dr. Jeff Battigelli, P.Ag.

  soil survey

Paragon specializes in soil mapping and in making soil interpretations for various applications. Proper characterization and delineation of soils is the key to further understanding and decision-making regarding conservation, reclamation, capability assessment, performance evaluation, suitability assessment, etc.

Paragon has conducted many baseline surveys for various developments such as irrigation, coal mines, oil sands mines, SAGD projects, wellsites, pipelines, and so forth.

We have the expertise and supporting resources to conduct high quality soil surveys and interpretations applicable to the project at hand.

Contact: Lee Waterman


The Paragon team is experienced in vegetation surveys for pipeline abandonments, wellsite certification applications, railway abandonments, and revegetation monitoring programs.

The soil-vegetation interaction and questions of capability and productivity, ecosite re-establishment and LFH transplant are areas of concentration.

We can provide data on species composition, plant growth attributes, dominant species, plant counts, and vegetation health, among a range of other information.

Contact: Nina Craig, A.Ag.


On-Site Wastewater Treatment

PParagon offers clients in the onsite wastewater treatment industry quality site assessments and professional designs for onsite wastewater treatment (OWTS). We offer professional designs for septic tanks, package treatment plants, pressure distribution systems, time dosing systems, and final treatment systems including at-grades, mounds, fields, raised fields and lagoons.

Paragon is a member of the Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association and members of our staff have successfully completed the Installer Training Program. This, combined with our extensive experience in soil survey, results in superior custom designs suited to the unique soils at your site.

We offer:

  • • Site assessment and design for residential and commercial OWTS

  • • Subdivision assessment for suitability for OWTS

  • • Professional design of onsite wastewater treatment systems for volumes greater than 1200 gal/day

  • • Site and system assessment to determine causes of troubled systems

  • • Assessment of operational systems for real estate transactions

Contact: Scott Boorman, P.Ag.


Whether you require a pre-site assessment, a phase I or II environmental site assessment (ESA), a pre-reclamation assessment, or reclamation coordination, our team of Professional Agrologists is ready. We have conducted accurate air photo interpretation of dozens of upstream oil and gas facilities as they relate directly to the Phase I ESA. This includes identifying all manner of structures, spills, tank farms, borrow pits, flare pits, ponds, sumps, vegetation stress, slope, and topography from historical air photos. In addition, we have reclaimed hundreds of wellsites in the province of Alberta. We have performed reclamation work within all ecoregions of Alberta, providing our clients with solid expertise in the wellsite reclamation industry.

We have also submitted numerous successful reclamation certificate applications on behalf of our clients. In addition, by instructing the Reclamation Criteria for Wellsites and Associated Facilities Course Reclamation Criteria Course for Enform, we stay up-to-date with government regulations and current practices.

Safety and quality are always our primary concerns, and our work practices reflect this attitude.

Contact: Wade Pruett, P.Ag.

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