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By: Paint Shield  09-12-2011
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This all micro fibre wash and dry will remove dirt, grime and sediment from your vehicles surface.  Our industry leading car wash soap and micro fibre application ensures the best results in a short and cost effective manner.
Bug, Tar & Sap contamination can eat away at your paints finish, leaving the vehicle prone to advanced aging.  This small service can prevent etching and discoloration from effecting your vehicles clear coat.
This highly effective window treatment can remove hard water deposits and mineral stains from your glass.
This protects your wheels from the elements on the road that can settle on your tires and slowly deteriorate the integrity of the rubber.  The Tire Dressing will also keep your tires looking new and black.
Chrome, Aluminum, or Powder Coat polishing is vital to keeping your vehicles exterior appearance at its apex.  This polishing will reinvigorate the metal finish and bring its natural luster back to showroom quality.
Clean & Degrease your engine & engine bay.  All parts excluding electrical will be washed and dressed to keep your engine looking new.
Clay Bar will remove environmental defects and paint contamination from your paint's surface.  It will leave your paint looking and feeling like it did when it was new.
Machine applied polish can add remarkable luster and depth to a painted finish.  This polishing procedure is used in conjunction with an industry leading glaze that will remove light scratches and hazing.
This triple polymer protection is the industry leading standard for paint protection.  The application of a high grade paint sealant every 6 months can ensure your vehicles paint remains rust free and fully protected from environmental contaminants.
High quality liquid or paste waxes add a final layer of protection and shine to a well treated vehicle.  Wax is the ultimate natural finish, adding deep colour and remarkable protection.  Wax should be reapplied every 3 months and is safe to use in conjunction with a Paint Sealant.
This Petroleum based dressing will bring the texture and color of all your exterior plastic trim back to like new condition.  This product not only reinvigorates the Trim but also protects it from further weather damage.
Paint Shield's interior hot water extraction process eliminates unsightly stains and dirt build up in your vehicles carpets, seats, floor mats and trunk.  Hot water extraction leaves your vehicles interior looking, smelling and feeling renewed.
Leather is one of the most expensive vehicle options and one of the best resale features inside a vehicle.  This cleaning will restore your leathers smooth silky feeling as well as cleaning and conditioning for a long lasting finish.
The resale value of your vehicle is directly impacted by the current owners attention to detail.  To ensure you receive the longest value from your Leather interior or to ensure the maximum resale value of your vehicle, you should always use a leather protectant to prevent staining, discoloration or leather stretch marks.
This process removes dirt, dust and stains from your Vinyl or Plastic finishes inside your vehicle.  This treatment will clean and restore the like new appearance of your vehicles interior.
Plastic and Vinyl finishes take a great deal of abuse inside a vehicle - coffee stains, dust and grime, and even the UV rays from the sun.  To protect and ensure the Vinyl and Plastic doesn't fade or crack use a protection application.
This unique 3M formulation helps prevent spills from soaking into your fabric or carpets.  The treatment will not change the look or texture of the upholstery while adding an invisible layer of protection.  Excellent for Winter driven vehicles.

Keywords: Leather, Paint, Vehicles