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By: P.a. Douglas & Associates  09-12-2011

Memory for Management

To master your memory is to invite success in business, in education and in your relationships. A good memory is an absolute necessity in today's competitive work environment. In your professional life as well as in your social life the ability to remember names and faces, speak publicly without the need for written notes and recall dates, appointments, numbers and other important data is of immeasurable importance. The executive, manager or administrative professional with a trained memory will see a vast improvement in his or her business life. Confidence will increase as will productivity. Memory improvement is an essential topic in management development, yet in the past too often it has largely been taught by entertainers who are more interested in teaching you how to remember playing cards than those practical techniques that can greatly enhance your professional image and management skills.Benefits:
  • Increase to an incredible degree your ability to remember names and faces
  • Greatly improve your ability to speak publicly without the need nor desire for written notes
  • Develop laser-like concentration
  • Increase your earning power and get faster promotions
  • Conduct better interviews without notes
  • Remember sequential information without time-consuming repetition
  • Painlessly remember information that will boost your career, and save yourself the inconvenience of having to carry thick references
  • File telephone numbers, appointments and other data right in your head
  • Remember the names of hundreds of associates, clients, acquaintances and family without ever having to refer to a notepad or rolodex
  • Remember anniversaries and other historical dates
  • Discover creative powers you didn't know you had
  • Enhance your credibility and professional image
  • Cure absentmindedness forever!

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