OPSENS, Fiber optic temperature sensors, pressure transducers, displacement probes, strain gauges

By: Opsens  09-12-2011
Keywords: life sciences, fiber optic, Pressure Transducers

Opsens OPP series fiber optic pressure transducers are designed to provide accurate pressure measurement in the most adverse conditions. Its small size and EMI/RFI/MRI immunity makes it the ideal sensor for Medical, Life Sciences and industrial applications.

The OPP-M designed for physiological pressure measurement in preclinical environment and for OEM integration is 0.4mmOD with outstanding repeatability. Exhibiting minimal temperature shift and moisture induced drift; the OPP-M sensor demonstrates high fidelity pressure measurement with no phase delay and is not susceptible to external perturbations. Immune to MR /RF and electro-surgery environment, the OPP-M is ideal for applications seeking for tip pressure measurement in existing applications and with potentials for new applications.

The OPP-B & C is ideal for continuous operation in harsh conditions that face severe space limitations, high temperature, explosive and long term monitoring in outdoor environment. Available in ceramic or metal housing, OPP-B & C sensor are available up to 5000 psia (350 bar absolute).

Keywords: fiber optic, life sciences, Pressure Measurement, Pressure Transducers

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OPSENS, solutions for the Oil and Gas industry - solutions

Opsens Solutions offers an outstanding turn-key solution with the rugged OPP-W fiber optic P/T sensor, the WFC multi-fiber cable, the WellSens multi-channel surface readout unit, and full installation and field support services. Opsens’ all-sapphire OPP-W fiber optic pressure and temperature sensor operates in extremely harsh commonly found in the oil & gas industry.


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Opsens Solutions integrates its cutting edge monitoring systems with advanced numerical modelling techniques, providing a greatly enhanced understanding of reservoir behaviour throughout its complete life. Opsens Solutions’ consultant services specialize in reservoir geomechanics, including: coupled reservoir geomechanics simulations, borehole stability and caprock integrity analysis.


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With the OPP-W fiber optic P/T sensor, the WFC multi-fiber cable, the Wellsens multi- channel surface readout unit and a full installation and field support services, Opsens can offer outstanding turn-key solutions for your application.


OPSENS, Fiber optic temperature and pressure sensors, for Oil and Gas

Its small foot print, low power consumption, ease of use and competitive cost make it the solution of choice for any field system. It is compatible with Opsens’ harsh environment interferometric fiber optic pressure and temperature sensors the OPP-W. The WellSens Gen surface controller unit is a robust and reliable multi-channel signal conditioner.