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By: Objective Data  09-12-2011
Keywords: Architecture, Web Based Applications

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Objective Data Inc. specialises in the design and development of

  • eApplication Architecture
  • Object Oriented Systems Design and Development
  • Java solution architecture
  • Windows DNA and .NET Development
  • n-tier Application Development: IntraNet, ExtraNet, Internet
  • Web Services
  • This can include the provision of an individual or team to Design, Develop and Implement a complete system or the provision of technical expertise to augment any part of a systems development or implementation project.

    Web Application Development

    Objective Data has been developing web based applications since 1995 and has become a leader in the architecture and development of Object Oriented .net applications. This includes the development of Intranet, Extranet and Internet eApplications.

    Our consultants have worked on

    ICEMS (a secure website - no unauthorized access)

    System Design and Development

    Beginning if necessary from the collection, collation and analysis of the requirements for a system, preparation of a Business Case or "Project Charter" and proceeding through Functional Specification and Design and Technical specification and Design. Objective Data can take the project through to development, provide relevant ‘analyst’ support to a development team based on completed analysis work.

    Objective Data Inc. is familiar with most methodologies and can work within any required framework to manage and document a project in an appropriate level of depth and formality.

    Database Design and Implementation

    Development of any successful application system pivots on the analysis and modeling of the data of the application and the translation of the data model into a suitable database schema. Objective Data can provide substantial data analysis and modeling expertise. A normalised data model with well documented business rules will be translated into a functional, efficient and reliable database schema by experienced hands.

    Keywords: Architecture, Web Based Applications