Process Facilitation Service

By: Mha Institute  09-12-2011

What Is a Process Facilitation?

You need to solve a problem and/or to get a task or set of tasks done. You don't have time to learn how to do this; you have only enough time to do the task at hand. That's when you need a process facilitator to guide you through the process. As process facilitators, we design and facilitate a process that helps you to get your work done, at the speed of change.

Facilitating for Results

We work in partnership with you through a consultation to identify your needs, and to develop a strategy that meets your needs. If process facilitation meets your needs, we work with you:

  1. To identify your specific needs
  2. To design a process that meets your need
  3. To develop participant materials
  4. To develop a schedule for the process that meets participants' schedules
  5. To facilitate the process through to actions that participants can implement
  6. To document participant input and findings, and to prepare a final report
  7. To evaluate the effectiveness of the process, both for participants and for meeting the need
  8. To identify the next steps

For Example . . .

Marilyn Herasymowych and Sergio De Paoli worked with a cross-functional team in Chevron Canada Resources. Marilyn met with the customer for several months to discuss the need from the customer's perspective.

The need: The team's work was not clearly understood by all of the team members. As well, the team needed to identify ways to work more effectively.

The process:Based on systems thinking, the team examined the current system in which they were operating, described a future system that would produce a higher level of performance, and determined an action plan to create the future system. Marilyn facilitated three meetings, and produced a summary document at the end of each meeting. Sergio was the process observer, asking questions that enhanced team members' capabilities to see the system more clearly.

The process for all three meetings was highly structured to make sure that each team member's perspective was heard and considered. The meetings produced these outcomes:

  • A clear understanding of the current situation and the future situation that the team wanted to create
  • An understanding of which actions were possible
  • A realistic action plan for addressing next steps
  • A summary document of all of the input from the meetings

The schedule: The teams met for three half-days, during which they solved the problem using a decision-support system called

The schedule: The teams met for three half-days, during which they solved the problem using a decision-support system called Solving Complex Problems Using Systems Thinking.

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