McKillican | Counter-A-SYST, Lift-A-SYST, Serv-A-SYST

By: Mckillican  09-12-2011

McKillican partners with CounterBalance to offer an unique solution for controlling the upward and downward motion of lift gate countertops.

The new Counter-A-SYST™ counterbalance is a torsion spring specifically engineered to neutralize the force of gravity and the weight of the lift gate. The Counter-A-SYST counterbalance safely balances the counter, whether it is open, closed or somewhere in-between.

Ideal for hotels and motels, restaurants, resorts, casinos, bars and lounges, hospitals, private residences and educational institutions.

The Lift-A-SYST is designed to provide assisted lifting force and mid-span balancing, allowing safety and usability for countertop doors users.
• Neutralizes weight of countertop door
• Stainless steel & aluminum parts
• Easy installation on factory floor or job site
• Maintenance free
• Restaurants
• Bars & Nightclubs
• Hotels & Motels
• Resorts & Casinos
• Hospitals
• Educational Institutions
• Work Stations

Serv-A-SYST revolutionizes restaurants, bars and other points of service solving the ADA requirement for a lowered portion of countertop. Service countertops can now be easily moved between two positions to satisfy the needs of all customers. Approved for granite, marble, wood, metal and solid surface counters. Controls movement of countertop height, from 42” to 32”, by neutrally balancing the weight of the surface.

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McKillican | Treefrog/Chemetal

Ideal for use in corporate, hospitality, gaming, entertainment, interior design, set design, retail, signage, display, cruise and furniture industries. It is available on phenolic backers, high pressure laminate backers, and as solid metal. Treefrog veneer showcases the rich, soothing and timeless beauty of real wood. It is HPL backed to help ensure proper adhesion and a successful installation.