mak dental - services - ZOOM WHITENING

By: Mak Dental  09-12-2011


Zoom in office whitening provides immediate results. It brightens teeth that have become dull from aging, smoking, drinking tea, coffee, colas, red wine and eating certain foods. It is a safe and effective procedure designed to enhance your smile in a short period of time. The results are long lasting with less fadeback then other products.

Other products and services from Mak Dental


mak dental - services - INVISALIGN

Invisalign is a system, which uses a series of clear plastic removable aligners designed to move your teeth into a more desirable position. The aligners are convenient, as they can be removed for eating, special occasions and cleaning of the teeth. The aligners are worn for a period of 2 weeks and then replaced by the next series.


mak dental - services - SMILE DESIGN

Teeth that are discolored can be lightened, missing teeth can be replaced and misaligned teeth can be straightened. We offer comprehensive treatment planning that can involve you in the process of redesigning your smile. Do you have some fillings that have darkened over time. Have you ever wanted to change your tooth shape. Smile Design can be for you.


mak dental - services - DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY

The amount of radiation is significantly reduced and images can now be enlarged and enhanced. Digital radiography provides a high quality image used to diagnosis dental decay. Digital images are then stored for future reference.


mak dental - services - ORTHODONTICS

We also provide interceptive orthodontic services to help guide teeth into an ideal position while using child's own growth and development. Orthodontics offers the opportunity to straighten and align teeth into a more suitable position for function or esthetics. We are very excited to offer traditional braces at mak dental.


mak dental - services - IMPLANTS

Implants can also be used to help provide denture wearers with a better fitting more secure denture. Dental implants are quickly becoming the treatment of choice for replacement of missing teeth. A dental implant consists of three parts, an anchor, a post and a crown. The implant is very secure and feels and looks like a natural tooth.