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By: Mafe Enterprises  09-12-2011

Keeping people as our focus, we offer consulting services in:

  • Project Management
    and Administration

  • Managing small and medium size projects and teams through project meetings, statements of work, change requests, project planning, cost estimates, resource and personnel planning as well as reporting to Project Sponsors, Project Owners and Executive Steering Committees.

    Administering projects through the tracking of cost and resource usage, personnel, and proactive planning via risk assessment and mitigation strategies and issue tracking and resolution. Success is achieved through proper planning, risk identification, and proactive management
  • Data Analysis and Integration

  • Data analysis of differing systems and usages to find common, similar and dissimilar data types, patterns and values. The analysis of the data from varying data sources requires a detailed understanding of the definition, usage and connotations of the various data elements and values.

    Integration requires agreement and management of the people (owners, custodians, and users of the data) and the development of techniques and protocols to massage, combine and transform data to retain its overall usefulness and value to all participating parties.
  • Application and Solution Architecture

  • Through Innovation, Planning, and Strategy success is achieved through providing solutions to specific business requirements (Application Architecture) or to business problems with undeveloped or incomplete requirements (Solution Architecture) giving consideration to: Interoperability and performance; usability and intuitiveness; reliability and availability; technological risks; and, business impacts.

    Application Architecture improves the business area through software, hardware, and process. Solution Architecture improves the enterprise through vision, methodology and functional analysis.
  • Business and Process Analysis

  • Business and Process analysis is a key component often overlooked or underutilized within a business. Business Analysis deals with What a business does as Process Analysis deals with How a business operates.

    Through the analysis, gaps (such as security, audit capability, and accountability) are identified. The analysis of the process across multiple lanes of responsibility can further identify redundancies and inefficiencies. Improving the business activity and the process can greatly reduce costs, bring better job satisfaction to the business area, and provide the business with better information with which to manage their business interactions, internally, and with their clients.
  • Solution and COTS Implementation

  • Solution and Commercial Off The Shelf [COTS] Implementation involves the integration of either an in-house developed solution or a purchased solution.

    Each have their unique requirements for proper integration within the enterprise. A coordinated and planned approach, with detailed planning steps and proper notifications of management and business specialists is required at checkpoints within the plan. Recovery must be possible at each checkpoint based on a Go/No Go decision. Planning involves a proactive approach to risk identification and mitigation as well as possible intermediary testing to ensure proper integration at both the technology and data levels. Success of an implementation is based on a correct and proper fit within an enterprise to the satisfaction of the enterprise.