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By: Luminessence Lighting  09-12-2011
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Sign Lighting

Luminessence offers cold weather rated luminaries that:

  • Provide uniform light where you want it.
  • Have the highest efficiency in the marketplace.
  • Use T5 fluorescent high output electronic technology.
  • Are low-profile, making them architecturally pleasing.
  • Can be provided in colours to match your exterior colour scheme.
  • Minimize light trespass and light pollution.

Here are some more benefits of installing the newest in lighting technology, T5 High Output (T5HO):

  • No ballast hum (T12 ballasts indoors are often noisy)
  • No lamp flicker
  • Much brighter sign (twice the brightness of standard T12 lamps)
  • Much brighter sign at ‑40°C (brightness is equivalent to T12 at 20°C)
  • Much better colour rendering
  • The light (lumen) output is higher; it stays higher over the life of the lamp
  • Fewer lamps and ballasts needed; therefore, significant operation and maintenance savings
  • Two year guarantee on new lamps
  • Five year guarantee on new ballasts
  • 25 year guarantee on Luminessence Micro 6 reflector
  • Lower lighting load will reduce energy consumption by 50%

Keywords: Energy Consumption, Lighting, Sign Lighting

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We have combined the special short wavelength Philips halogen HELEN Lamp with a parabolic high reflectance, low absorbtion, specular aluminum reflector to provide focused heat wherever and whenever needed for a wide variety of heating applications. With a conventional dimmer, these units can be controlled to put out more or less heat as needed to ensure optimum comfort.


Luminessence Lighting - Ultra-Efficient Luminaires

The low glare high angle light pattern distributes illumination evenly throughout the parkade with fewer luminaires than other technology requires. These durable luminaires with a full 3 year warranty can be expected to provide high quality illumination for 30 years. The TURBO-T8 parkade luminaire is a unique product created to provide light for both heated and unheaded parkades.


Luminessence Lighting - Display Lighting

This retail display luminaire can replace as many as three or four (75 Watt) incandescent track heads and is 10% brighter than other compact fluorescent models on the market that consume 80 Watts of energy. The patented design of the Luminessence Micro5 reflector provides the special optics that allows the fixture to send all it’s light to the product on display without wasting energy.


Luminessence Lighting - Plant Growth

In 2001 Luminessence earned an Illuminating Engineering Society award for its redevelopment of 29 large growth rooms at the University of Alberta. Before and after photo of a growth chamber retrofit in the BioSci building at the University of Alberta. Luminessence designs and markets T8HO for specialty growth rooms.


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Provide complete turn-key solutions including project management, engineering, labour, and all necessary materials. We can manage any size of project, from 3000 square foot warehouses up to 250,000 square foot office towers. Create a full schematic design for your new project or retrofit. Luminessence offers a wide range of services.