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Link Scaffold Services Inc. Labour Rates are very competitive in today’s labour market. Our Labour Rates reflect us being members of the ChristianLabour Association Canada (CLAC) “A non building trades Union”, Alberta Construction Association, Scaffold Industry Association (SIA) and Merit Construction Association.

Our commitment to safety and quality of our work is our number onePriority. Link Scaffold Services Inc. offers our labour rates for projects at a Cost Plus (T. & M.) basis.

We have in our employ a good number of qualified scaffold Superintendents, Journeymen and apprentices to place in your job needs.


Typical Rental Procedures

Local Administration

For projects of an extensive distance from Links equipment yard, we, with site management’s cooperation, would supply and store all equipment needed to complete the project, as close to the site as possible.


Rental of equipment starts when material is received on site from Links yard. Rental stops when material arrives on Links yard.


A secure site with a fenced yard is required for the storage of materials.


On site pickup and deliveries will be the responsibility of site owners and representatives. It is links responsibility to ensure adequate yard inventory for the project at hand.

Partial Deliveries

Hot shots will be charged at cost plus 10%, to cover administration costs, unless it is stated as Links responsibility. Partial deliveries by our truck and trailer will be charged at market value, unless stated as Links responsibility.

A single scaffold company on site will allow for full control of equipment. This will help avoid shortages of equipment when the job commences. The owner will cut back costs by eliminating administration fees blended into bids by other sub-contractors. Also, costs will be lower with daily rates compared to the 28 day rental rates. A typical Rental Procedure will allow for better utilization and responsibility opposed to sub-contractors.


Rental with Volume Discounts

The client or with Link Scaffold Services Inc. input, would establish the total amount of scaffold equipment needed for the project. Link Scaffold Services Inc. may be able to discount the equipment based on the size and duration of the project. The greater amount of equipment required and rented would raise the discount and ensure a greater amount of money saved.

The client would have the flexibility to apply the final amount of discount to the total rental charges, or pay the List Rental and receive the discount at the end of the project. Client could also have the discount applied at the end of the project to the invoices, or receive a cash dividend which could be used as a safety incentive program or wind-up gathering.


Link Scaffold Services Inc.’s Management has been involved with many different supply situations and as a result may be able (depending on the size and time line of the project) suggest a simple method of achieving your scaffold needs by combining our Equipment Rental Rates with our Labour Rates. This combined Labour & Material Rate is intended to lesson the amount of paper flow and help streamline the invoicing process.

The combined rate includes the hourly rate and the equipment rental rate as a single charge rate. By using a combined rate, the client would be asked to sign the Labour Time Sheet at the end of each shift, day, week or project. Our administration would generate one invoice per the signed Time Sheet.

Historically, scaffold suppliers charge a minimum rental of 1 – 28 day period and then pro-rating the rental to a daily rental rate and continue to invoice for the equipment should the scaffold equipment be required passed the original 28 days. The benchmark for the invoicing is based on the day the equipment is sent to site, and each time an order is placed, the date of the pro-rating becomes very difficult to track and administer. This invoicing process can be very confusing to the administration department and overwhelming depending on the amount of equipment on rent, and the amount returned.

Keywords: Invoicing

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