Exchange Turbine Components - Lincoln TMS

By: Lincoln Tms  09-12-2011

Lincoln TMS has the following items in our exchange inventory at all times, the items have been overhauled are backed by our "Standard Warranty" - parts and labour.

  • Solar Saturn® T1201 and T1301 single shaft
  • Solar Saturn® T1202 and T1302 split shaft
  • Solar Centaur® T4501 and T4701 single shaft
  • Solar Centaur® T4502 and T4702 split shaft
  • Power turbines, accessory drives
  • TDI, Dyna Power, IR and Solar starters
  • Pre/post lube pumps, seal oil pumps and regulators
  • Fuel valves, shut off valves, solenoids
  • Solar, Lufkin, & Western gearboxes
  • Servo actuators, seal oil regulator, check valves

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Equipment for Sale - Lincoln TMS

Rolls Allison 501KB, gas fuel 3500 kw, 60 Hz, 480 v, 3 ph.c/w encl. T5901 Centaur, gas fuel, 4500 kw, 50 Hz, 6300 v, 3 ph. Centaur T4002 c/w C306 gas compressor, one piece skid. Saturn T1201, gas fuel, 850 kw, 60 Hz, 4160 v, 3 ph. Four Saturn T1202 c/w C16 compressors.


Products - Lincoln TMS

Refurbished parts are inspected and certified, using qualified inspection practices. Lincoln TMS stocks all fast moving turbine, compressor and gearbox parts. Diffusers, combustor liners, fuel injectors, fuel nozzles. TDI air starters, Woodward fuel valves, Tarco controls. Compressor wheels, blades, bearing cones and stators. Exhaust silencers, huff & puff air inlet systems. Lube pumps, oil coolers, oil tank demisters.


Power Generation Equipment - Lincoln TMS

Lincoln TMS is a packager of power generation equipment; if we don’t have it in our equipment inventory we will source the major components and tailor a generator package to meet the customers requirements. You can achieve both when using gas fueled turbines to generate electric power used for plant processing or to sell to the power grid.


Packaging Products - Lincoln TMS

Millwrights and Heavy Duty Mechanics team with experienced Professional Engineers to produce high quality and reliable equipment packages. Our packages are equipped with the latest PLC's, control panels, fuel controls, starters and lube systems. Lincoln TMS offers a full suite of turbine driven equipment. Ariel reciprocating gas compressor packages. Solar centrifugal gas compressor packages.