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By: Limitless Leadership  09-12-2011
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    •  Using the Legacy Leadership® Focus Workbook in a 6 week TeleClass, you will unlock the power of Legacy Leadership® in organizations and with individual coaching clients. Find out more . New dates will be announced soon.
    • One Page Business Plan®:
      A simple solution to a complex problem. Brenda Chaddock is a Licensed and Certified Consultant of this leading Web-Based Planning System which provides Alignment, Accountability, and Results. What would happen if everyone is your organization were on the same page?

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    • Presentation and Facilitation:
       Deliver compelling presentations; facilitate groups and audiences with inspirational results. Find out more about  and the .
    • Great Question!™ Game:
      Practicing the Art of Excelerator Coaching™:
      Practice and master the essentials of Business Coaching. Learn how to ask powerful questions, communicate effectively, improve your listening skills and much more! This Action Learning Game is based on the popular Excelerator Coaching Program.
    • The Winslow Report Assessment System:
       This system offers several assessment products for a variety of organizational applications, from selection and hiring to providing a baseline and coaching platform for employee development.

      The Winslow Human Dynamics Profile is a 24 Character Trait Assessment that is invaluable for interviewing, hiring, assessing right relationship with organizational positions, coaching, and development, at mid to senior levels.

      Other options provide ‘level appropriate’ assessments for all levels up and down the organization.

    Legacy Leadership, Legacy Leaders, the 5 Box Design, and the 5 Best Practices are the trademarks of CoachWorks International Corporation, Dallas, TX USA. All Legacy Leadership materials © CoachWorks International Corporation. Brenda Chaddock and Marilyn Conner are certified to deliver coaching, facilitation and training in the Legacy Leadership® model. As a Masterful facilitator trainer, Brenda certifies both Practitioners and Facilitators globally.

Keywords: Coaching