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By: Lafarge Precast  09-12-2011
Keywords: Precast Concrete, Wall Panels, roof systems

A wide range of precast concrete structural components can be used in almost any building or structure type. The key pieces used most often in these designs include:

Load bearing architectural or Insulcore precast wall panels are the solution of choice for the cladding on many office buildings, institutional facilities and mixed-use retail projects of all types. A key reason is that these panels offer beauty and affordable economy without sacrificing design freedom. That economy results from the low initial cost, the ability to enclose the structure quickly, the ability to continue construction through winter weather and the panel's long-term durability. In some cases, further economies can be achieved by designing load-bearing precast walls or using insulated wall panels to improve energy efficiency. These budget, scheduling and design benefits combine with precast's moldability to create dramatic and cost-effective looks for all types of commercial buildings.

A complete precast concrete structural system offers tremendous advantages and value for commercial buildings. The use of precast columns and beams makes an ideal framework for hanging precast panels, creating a design that offers fast construction, structural stability and enhanced fire resistance. A wide range of options is available for creating the perfect system to achieve the size and shape of commercial building required.

These components provide excellent roof and flooring units, spanning considerable distances and providing quick erection to close in a structure faster. In some cases, they also can be used as wall panels on low-rise commercial buildings, creating distinctive designs that require little maintenance and offer fire resistance and durability as with architectural wall panels.

Precast hollow core flooring units provide long spans with cross-sections that reduce the height of the building, saving material cost, and their inorganic composition enhances fire protection. Local precasters can help determine which sizes, shapes and styles of components will best suit any individual commercial building project. Bringing the precaster into the planning early in the design process will ensure the precast components maximize their effectiveness in aesthetic appeal, functionality and cost effectiveness.

Structural Products

    Double Tees

  • Typical Width: 10’-0”, 12’-0”, 13’-4” and 14’-0”
  • Typical Length: 20’-0 to over 100’
  • Typical Depth: 12”, 16”, 20”, 24”, 28”, 32” and 47”
  • Typically used in parking garages and in other market segments; schools, office buildings, data centers and mixed-use structures for the floor and roof systems to develop a total precast shell

    Wall Panels

  • Typical Width: 10’-0”, 12’-0” and 13’-4”
  • Typical Height: 20’-0 to 50’
  • Typical Thickness: 6” to 12”
  • Other widths, heights and thicknesses available
  • Vertical or horizontal, load bearing or non-load bearing, solid or insulated, with various architectural finishes and punch openings to meet the design requirements

Spandrel Panels
Typically used in conjunction with precast columns and double tees in parking garages and in total precast building shell construction, various architectural finishes available to meet design objectives

Used in parking structures, office buildings and other market segments to carry floor and roof structure loads as required, various architectural finishes available to compliment other building components.

Keywords: Precast Concrete, roof systems, Wall Panels

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Prestressing strands in the panels are perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the beams and provide all of the positive reinforcement required for the span of the deck between beams. The spliced girder method of construction has extended the practical use of precast beams to span lengths of 75 m or more by joining and post-tensioning girder segments at the site.


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