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By: John Hanson  09-12-2011

There are nine key classes of Internet infrastructure technologies that affect all Internet development and deployment cost and success. These nine are:

1. Identity (identity resolving technologies)

2. Connectors (permitted one-to-one, one to many, and many to one external management of ERP sessions for instance)

3. Security

4. Catalogs (including structuring, presentation, refresh, single and multiple source, convert to and from)

5. Proportionate use of the database

6. Workflow

7. Reporting (views of data)

8. Messaging (this can be as simple as e-mail notifications and as complex as automated negotiation)

9. Document management (including documents, document images, drawings)

JHC can help evaluate one or many technology choices in each class, help deploy them suitable to support an Internet objective safely, or help begin a project to weigh the different options available to manage same and cross industry as well as International initiatives.