By: Joe Shuster Awards  09-12-2011

Diana and John Tamblyn

Conceived at a family dinner over Christmas last year, “The Tamblyn Show: Trees and Trains” will finally come to life on the walls of The Arts Project from November 1st -12th, 2011. The niece/uncle duo of Diana and John Tamblyn represents two generations who work in two very different media — drawing/illustration (Diana) and photography (John).

Diana Tamblyn moved back to London with her husband and daughter three years ago to continue a career as a web producer, graphic novelist, and artist (just 250 kms closer to family and old friends now). She immediately started showing at various venues in this city and regularly returned to exhibit at many of her old haunts in Toronto. Most recently, her imagination and drawing skills have shifted to capturing the fascinating variety of those local trees which define London as “The Forest City”.

Diana toured the city, using ReForest London’s “Amazing Tree Quest” map as her guide, documenting and drawing the most spectacular trees she found. She will be also showing some of her oil pastel landscapes and comic book work.

John Tamblyn is a photographer who has worked in London for over three decades. Off the clock, he reacts to and attempts to capture in photographic form interesting and curious images that present themselves to him. Sporadic exhibitions and group shows have enabled John to share his favourite “light paintings” with others. This time around his focus is on the graffiti sprayed on the train cars that constantly pass through London on both the CN and CPR lines.
Opening Reception

A reception for and celebration of the collaboration of Diana Tamblyn and John Tamblyn will be held on Saturday, November 5th, from 2:00 – 5:00 PM. In addition to two generations of friends and fans, others who might be interested are welcome to come and have a look!

About Diana Tamblyn

Diana Tamblyn is an Ignatz-nominated cartoonist who has been actively writing and drawing comics for over 14 years. She’s exhibited her comics at small press fairs and comic book shows in both Canada and the US, and has had artwork displayed in various group and solo shows. In 2005, She was chosen by the Globe and Mail as a “Canadian cartoonist to watch”.

Her latest comic project is “From Earth to Babylon: The Story of Gerald Bull and the Supergun”. This is a historical based work on the life of Canadian Gerald Bull – considered to be one of the most brilliant artillery scientists of the 20th century. His work on artillery led him across the globe, from Canada to the Pentagon, Barbados, South Africa and Iraq – where he ultimately developed the “Supergun” for Saddam Hussein. He was assassinated in Brussels in 1990 by two shots to the head and three in the back, and was never able to finish his dream project. Diana has been awarded a Canada Council Grant to assist in the production of this work in progress.

About John Tamblyn

John Tamblyn is a photographer whose works have been exhibited in London and regional survey exhibitions. He most recently presented a selection of his photographs in the exhibition “Mass Culture and Society”, at the McIntosh Gallery, UWO, London. Currently he has been working on a massive project for McMaster University, taking over 2,500 photographs of their collection in order to digitize it.

With over 30 years of professional experience, John is an expert at taking pictures of people, places, and things, and is based in London, Ontario.

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