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By: Jim Sicotte And Ryan Sales  09-12-2011
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  • A private placement of up to 4000 class A Limited Partnership
    units up to a maximum of $20,000,000
  • Price per Unit: $5,500
  • Investment Minimum: $27,500
  • RRSP and TFSA Eligible
  • Quarterly Distributions
  • 70% Profit Share
  • Your principle plus 9% per annum returned before profit sharing
  • 5 year time frame

Information from the Issuer:

InvestPlus Properties

Fund Objectives:
  • Acquire poorly managed under-valued Apartment Buildings
  • Renovate buildings to improve value and cash flow
  • Focused on Economically Strong areas in Alberta
  • Diversified risk with 4-5 buildings
Fund Highlights:
  • Solid 11 Year Track Record
  • Actively Managed
  • Solely Focused on Multi-Family Apartments

InvestPlus acquires, refurbishes, manages and operates and stratifies multi-family residential properties in Canada. The company currently owns and operates over 225 suites worth over $24M in Alberta, Canada. With a goal of 500 suites by the end of 2011, InvestPlus is committed to helping their investors achieve financial freedom by increasing their net worth over the coming years.

InvestPlus is a dynamic company with aggressive, but realistic, growth targets. Management is very disciplined and selective with regard to the assets it adds to the portfolio. InvestPlus purchases properties which are undervalued and poorly-managed and transforms them into profitable, well managed locations thereby increasing asset values over the term of the project.

InvestPlus upgrades the properties through renovations, capital improvements, and condo-conversions. These upgrades coupled with better management enables InvestPlus to increase the rents, attract higher quality tenants, and rapidly augment the overall property value. The buildings are maintained and managed for 4-5 years. During this period of time the rental income is used to provide investors with cash flow and to pay down the mortgages. At the end of the holding period, the buildings are either sold or refinanced and the profits distributed to the investors.

The InvestPlus management expertise combined with in depth research, and ethical practices are the foundation of its superior real estate investment program. To date, InvestPlus has never missed a mortgage payment and no investor has ever lost money with us.

InvestPlus Properties Canada Ltd. has developed a 5-Step strategy to allow the greatest potential for returns on your investment

InvestPlus Properties 5-Step Strategy
  1. Identify – Locate and acquire undervalued and under-managed properties. We examine the neighbourhoods across Canada with the highest upside potential. We analyze population growth, employment rates, average income, affordability, business and government investment, transportation changes and pro-business attitude.
  2. Upgrade – Provide the building with energy efficient fixtures, branded designs, and enhance the curb appeal. We select undervalued buildings as they have the greatest potential for rapid increases in rental income and value. We look for the following symptoms of ‘under management syndrome’ – high vacancy rates, high operating costs, lower than average rents, deferred maintenance issues and distressed sales.
  3. Green Integration – Green efficiency reduces operating costs through streamlined management processes and reduces consumption of water, energy, and materials.
  4. Improve Value – Upon completion of the upgrades, we immediately optimize the rents. This forces a higher tenant profile. This, combined with the equity gained in upgrades will cause the building to see immediate growth in overall value.
  5. Cash Flow and Equity Growth – By holding and maintaining the improved building for up to five years, we increase equity and maintain a steady flow of revenue from rents. However, great management is the difference between average returns and exceptional returns. Well managed buildings have lower vacancies, less frequent tenant turnover and higher rents.
This investment is only for investors by way of subscription agreement. This is not a solicitation for sale or purchase of securities, without the appropriate exemption documents being provided to prospective purchasers. The information enclosed is for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation as to any investment product. This information is inherently limited in scope and does not contain all of the applicable terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the investment described herein. The authors of this website make every attempt to ensure that this information is current and accurate. However, if there is a discrepancy, please refer to the specific issuers website or documentation for the most current and correct information.
The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: cash flow, Estate Investment, Real Estate, real estate investment

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