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By: Insta Dock  09-12-2011
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Boat & PWC Lifts | Instadock

ShoreStation has been manufacturing boat hoists in the U.S.A. since 1959. They design their boat hoists to offer years of maintenance free design and ease of use. All their manufacturing is done within their North American facilities. ShoreStation utilizes only the finest materials on their boat hoists that guard against corrosion and premature breakage. This includes only top grade aluminum. Features include vertical design, all aluminum frames, stainless steel cables and bolts, reinforced carbon steel drives, poly bunks and brass nuts. ShoreStation boat hoists can be outfitted with a variety of genuine ShoreStation accessories too. ShoreStation lifts can handle boats from 1500-6000 pounds.


  • • Poly coated bunks that will not rot and trap debris
  • • Vertical design
  • • Rear motor stop included
  • • Stainless steel bolts with brass nuts to eliminate gulling and seized bolts
  • • Stainless steel cables and synthetic pulleys
  • • Height adjustable legs
  • • Weld free design to add structural integrity
  • • Extruded aluminum frames to add strength
  • • Round versus square frame posts
  • • Operable in low water levels
  • • High lift height
  • • Light weight all aluminum construction
  • • Low gear ratios offers easy cranking on manual models
  • • Environmentally friendly
  • • Built in safety features and limited pinch points

Drive Options:

ShoreStation hoists are available in both manual and DC electric drive configurations. DC electric drive systems feature 2 key fobs, a battery box, and a keypad. An optional solar panel kit is available. Electric direct drive systems do not rely on chains and a drive/driver gear like other brands that are prone to break.


ShoreStation offers a wide variety of accessories for their boat hoists. These include wheel kits, side bumpers, solar panel kits, spring assisted centering devices, side access steps, elevating arm kits, front boat stops etc.


ShoreStation canopies can accommodate boats with or with out towers. A canopy protects your boat from the elements and is a nice feature for those who want to avoid having to tarp their boat. ShoreStation canopies are made from ‘ultra’ heavy-duty vinyl that will not deteriorate from exposure to the sun or elements. Canopy frames are made from lightweight aluminum and use quick attach bungee spools to fasten the canopy to the canopy frame. This quick attachment system makes removing the canopy from the canopy frame very easy. We also sell the Gull-A-Way bird deterrent device to eliminate pesky birds from making a mess of your canopy .


  • • Lightweight
  • • Heavy duty canopies will not deteriorate from the elements
  • • Fade resistant
  • • Easy to use quick attachment system
  • • Flap design ensures air will circulate freely under the canopy resisting wind and the potential for your boat hoist to blow over in a storm


ShoreStation lifts come in pre packaged ‘bundles’ with easy to follow step-by-step instructions which make assembly an easy task. Most people take from 2-3 hours to build their boat hoist. We will assemble lifts at Insta Dock for either customer pick up or delivery. Our assembly service starts at $249.00 with site transportation and/or installation also available at an additional cost.

PWC Hoists:

We carry ShoreStation brand PWC hoists. We feature the new high lift vertical style PWC hoist offered by ShoreStation. It can handle a large PWC that weight up to 1500 pounds with functionality and safety not found on traditional cantilever style PWC hoists.

We also offer JS2 floating PWC lifts that are ideal for mucky bottom conditions. These drive on drive off style floating lifts are easy to use and can accommodate virtually any PWC on the market.


1 year warranty covers hydraulic components, electrical components, canopy covers, canopy frame and ShoreStation accessories.

2 year warranty covers all parts and labor necessary to repair items with defective material, workmanship or factory preparation.

10 year fabricated frame and extrusion warranty covers all parts and components of your ShoreStation frame.

Insta Dock is proud to carry RGC boat lifts. RGC has been in business for over 68 years. RGC lifts are premium lifts utilizing the best available materials. RGC lifts incorporate all aluminum construction, and a unique design that allows easy entrance to your boat. With RGC’s unique drop down cradle design, RGC lifts have a minimum 8’’ lift platform height with a 68’’ maximum lift height! This makes RGC lifts perfect for low and fluctuating water levels (particularly in Alberta). RGC lifts carry a 15-year warranty.


RGC lifts all feature heavy duty rounded edge extruded aluminum frames. They use stainless steel cables, hard ware, brass adjusting nuts and polymer sheaves.

Models we Carry:

We offer the VL45116 RGC vertical lift. They feature full length poly coated bunks, can support 4500lbs (perfect for tow boats) with a 116’’ beam and weigh a mere 510 lbs fully operational with bunks and winch in place.


RGC lifts can be fitted with DC electric drive kits complete with key fobs, canopies, solar panel 24 volt kits, pontoon kits, tritoon kits, wheel kits, and a number of varying load guides.


RGC canopies feature ultra premium Seamark material that is UV and rip resistant and does not deteriorate like traditional vinyl and fabric canopies do. This equates to a longer canopy life reducing canopy replacement costs. They feature a quick attach system and have built in vents to cycle fresh air beneath the canopy while decreasing wind resistance. Colors available are: blue, grey and green.

PWC Hoists:

900 lb Model:

This lift offers a sturdy and stable design that offers 46’’ of lift height and a minimum platform height of 8’’. They feature a 64’’ beam and weigh a mere 152lbs. They offer a unique pivot cradle design, stainless steel cables and hardware plus brass adjustment nuts.

1200lb Model:

This larger lift features the same design as the 900lb. version while offering 46’’ of lift height and a minimum platform height of 9’’. They feature a 70’’ beam and weigh a mere 257lbs. RGC lifts also offer a unique pivot cradle design, stainless steel cables and hard ware plus brass adjustment nuts. This lift is perfect for a large PWC and small-beamed fishing boats.

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