By: Icu Video Productions  09-12-2011
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If you’ve had a look at our Clients Page, you’ll see that ICU VIDEO has had a variety of different clients over the years. So depending on what you need done, ICU has probably done it.

These are some of the services that we provide:

  1. Professional Camera Work
  2. Professional Editing
  3. Duplication Services
  4. 2 Camera Mobile Productions

We specialize in dealing with clients who have had no previous video experience. We recommend to them what is the best possible way to produce their video and how they can save money in the process. We always try to find out who the target audience of the video will be, so the video will have a focus. If the video has a focus, then the video will work the way that it is suppose to.

Even though ICU VIDEO is a small company, we have a variety of different professionals who can help us out on different projects. We have a list of people who are:

  1. Animation Artists
  2. Cameramen
  3. Graphic Artists
  4. Musicians: Original Music
  5. Narrators: English, plus other languages
  6. Script Writers

Our philosophy at ICU VIDEO is to keep the costs as low as possible for our clients. When the need arises, we will go out and hire these people. This ensures that the client is only charged for what they need. ICU VIDEO doesn’t have the overhead of bigger production companies, so our costs our lower.

Keywords: Animation Artists, Camera, Professional Camera Work, Video,

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