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By: Iabc Edmonton  09-12-2011

IABC/Edmonton » Membership

If you want to get more involved and meet some amazing people, then you should volunteer with IABC Edmonton.

Special Events
We need up to five dedicated special events volunteers to assist with IABC special events, including our Welcome Back and New Year’s Mixers, as well as the Capital Awards Gala. Volunteers will assist at with the:

  • registration desk,
  • coat check, and
  • set-up and tear down of the event.

Professional Development

Volunteering to assist with professional development sessions has its benefits. You will receive free admission to a PD session, a meal and an opportunity to network with professionals, while building your portfolio in the process. We are looking for two dedicated volunteers to act as an event host and professional development reporter.

The Event Host must be friendly, approachable, organized and efficient. This volunteer will:

  • greet guests,
  • check them in,
  • provide information about the session, and
  • promote future professional development sessions.

The Professional Development Reporter must have creative and dynamic writing skills, be good at storytelling and the ability to work with strict deadlines. This volunteer will:

  • attend professional development events,
  • record the presentation and take notes, as well as
  • write an article on the topic, which will be published in FYI and the chapter’s website.

In order to be the choice for communication professionals, IABC Edmonton relies on a team of volunteers to communicate with its members. We are looking for three dedicated volunteers for positions including:

  • Jobline Coordinator
  • FYI Writers

We are looking for one volunteer to fill the position of Jobline Coordinator. The job requirements include:

  • receiving postings from Communications Director,
  • compiling and updating file containing postings on a weekly basis,
  • proofreading and editing postings to ensure there are no errors,
  • contacting Communications Director if there are any issues.

We are looking for two volunteers to fill the position of FYI Writer. These volunteers must be willing to commit several hours per month. The job requirements include:

  • pitching writing topics, as well as taking assignments from board member/FYI editor,
  • writing short recaps on various topics (mixers, PD sessions, year-end gala), and
  • providing recap(s) to board member/FYI editor for inclusion on IABC Edmonton website and FYI newsletter.

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