HiQSoft - Consulting

By: Hiqsoft  09-12-2011

HiQSoft provides a wide range of consulting services including IT strategy and information architecture, development of databases, licensing and billing systems, automated industrial and embedded systems, web sites and applications.

IT System Architecture and Design

HiQSoft plans and designs IT systems of all sizes, from small local applications to full scale enterprise solutions and integrated global networks.

IT System Hardware and Integration 

HiQSoft designs and builds integrated solutions including serial, parallel, USB and network interfaces.

Web Design

HiQSoft provides consulting and website design. For the graphical development we recommend the following options:

  • working with several graphic design and marketing companies for customs design needs
  • working with website templates as a very cost-effective method for professional web designs


HiQSoft designs and builds integrated applications with interfaces to electronic payment gateways, order processing, production and accounting systems.

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HiQSoft - Development

Our development projects follow a phased approach, with an initial requirements review phase, a system design, an implementation phase and an acceptance testing phase. Predefined milestones throughout each phase serve as checkpoints for the project progress.