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By: Healthy Life Imports  09-12-2011
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These delicious and chewy candies are made from 6 year-old Korean Red Ginseng roots. These candies are great when you crave a healthy snack with the original flavour of Korean red ginseng. They are a nice compliment to Korean Red Ginseng tea. Comes in 400g and 800g bags.

Comes in 400g and 800g bags.

6-year old Korean Red Ginseng

Ingredients: 6-year old Red Ginseng extracts (Red Ginseng over 70mg/g, over 60% solid) 0.5%, Sugar.

Take whenever you feel the desire for the taste of sweet delicious Ginseng.

Best results:

  • Korean Red Ginseng jelly candies are a healthy energetic snack. Eat 2 or 3 or 4 for a quick and enjoyable snack.
  • Take in Morning and Afternoon.
  • It is recommended that Red Ginseng products be taken daily for 8 weeks and then stopped for 2 weeks, before resuming use again. This allows the body to rest fully and utilize the remaining Red Ginseng in the body.
  • NOTE: To feel the full benefits of Red Ginseng you should take it consecutively (everyday) during use.

    Avoid exposure to heat or sunlight and store in a dry cool place.

    400g Bag - $9
    800g Bag - $16

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    Keywords: Ginseng Jelly, Ginseng Products, Healthy Snack, Jelly Candies,

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