By: Hardcore Bikes  09-12-2011

What: Hardcore Bikes Owner, Manager and Sponsored Racer (ok, he sponsors himself).

When: When he is not working, he's riding.

Where: In The Shop, out on the Trails and on the Road.

Why: 'Cause what the heck else are you going to do with 2 Arts Degrees.

How: He's not sure but it involves having no life outside of working, riding and racing.

Rides: Trek Top Fuel 9.9 SSL, Ibis Hakkalugi, Yeti ARC-X, Moulden Custom Tandem.

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Started in a tiny shop in an alley that had a previous life as a sausage factory, the Shop quickly grew as mountain bikes took off in popularity. Jim retired from frame building in 2003 but the Shop still carries on the tradition of offering something different from the big stores. Hardcore Bikes is an Edmonton Alberta bike shop that specializes in mountain bikes, commuter bikes and bike repairs since 1989.


Bicycle Service and Repair in Edmonton

Adjustment of shifting and braking systems, adjustment of hubs, headset and bottom bracket, minor truing of wheels, tires inflated to correct pressure, safety check including tightening of fasteners, inspection of cables and other components for wear or damage. To maintain the high level of repair service that our customers have expected from us we have invested a great deal of time, money and effort in our repair shop.


We Take Trade-Ins | HARDCORE BIKES

We get lots of calls asking how much certain bikes are worth and honestly without seeing it there is no way to tell. If you want to see what we have for used bikes check out our Specials page here. Oh, and the one in the picture, we sold already so don't call about that one. Its value is determined by it's original value, its condition, and its age. Want that new bike but don't know how to get rid of that old one first.


Get Ready for Winter | HARDCORE BIKES

All of their trainers are excellent quality; the fluid being quieter and more natural whereas the magnetic and wind ones are less expensive. We have the tools to keep you fit this winter so you come Spring you can be as fit or fitter than you are now. It took you all summer to get that fitness going, why lose it all now and have to start over in the Spring.



Here's a few examples of the deals--drop by the store for all the prices on 2012 Trek, Marin, Ibis, Pivot, Turner, Yeti and Knolly. Come by the shop and we'll give you the Pre-Order Sale Price. Pick out that awesome 2012 bike you've been wanting. Balance on bike must be paid off by April 15th. October is "Biketoberfest" at Hardcore Bikes.