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TUBING :  The heater is fabricated from heavy wall seamless Schedule 40 (minimum) SA-106B or SA-53B pipe, and can, therefore, be truly regarded as a process heater.

COIL SUPPORTS :  Are outside the radiant zone, resting on a cradle within the casing.  This design reduces the heat transferred through the casing, as well as insuring long coil support life.

INSULATION AND REFRACTORY :  The heater only requires  ceramic fiber insulation (5" on end covers, 3" on casing).  This reduces the amount of stored heat that will radiate back to the fluid on normal or emergency shutdowns.  Because the coil is tangentially wound, the casing insulation does not experience radiant heat and thus can be minimized.

STACK HEIGHT DESIGN :  Heaters use forced draft burners and require no stack beyond what is required to evacuate the flue gasses from the area.

REPAIRABILITY :   The heater is designed so that the coil can be removed without cutting.  This is accomplished with a seal at the point the coil extends through the front and rear end covers.

PACKAGING :   The heater comes as a self-contained package, requiring only one electrical connection, one gas connection, fluid in and fluid out.  The stack and certain accessories will be dismounted for shipment, but only to the least extent required.  The burner will be mounted, and all wiring, tubing, etc., is completed in our shop.

CASING THICKNESS :  The heater has an extra heavy 1/4" thick steel casing (minimum), seal welded.  It is gas tight and extremely resistant to warping, erosion or corrosion.  Combined with the positive furnace pressure from forced draft firing, this eliminates the potential for tramp air and subsequent inefficiencies.

FILM AND TUBEWALL TEMPERATURES :  The heater uses a  helical coil design featuring constant bend radius and constant velocity from inlet to outlet. It is, therefore, very easy to accurately control fluid film temperatures and tubewall temperatures to very low levels.

COIL EXPANSION CHARACTERISTICS :   The helical coils will have a gradual and homogeneous expansion rate over their entire length, eliminating thermal stresses. This, combined with the stitch welding of the loops, will provide a tight furnace and prevent bypassing.  Bypassing results in higher emissions and lower efficiency.

BURNER DESIGN :   The heater uses a single forced draft burner.  The forced draft design allows accurate control of air/gas ratios through its range.  Part load or low load efficiencies are higher than at full load.  Stack temperature remains relatively constant through the usual operation range, to prevent flue gas condensation.  Initial setup and operation is very simple and requires minimal adjustment.  Changes in ambient temperature and barometric conditions have very little effect on burner operation.

HTH HEATECH INC . head office is located in Calgary, Alberta, and has sales and full service capability for all makes and models of boilers, burners and control systems, from both Calgary, and our branch office in St. Bruno, Quebec.

Keywords: burner, Casing, Coil, heater

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