By: Global Sport Resources  09-12-2011

GSR Portable Folding Seating

For Arenas and Venues where additional seating is required for special events.

Chair is manufactured with a heavy gauge steel frame with the seat designed to rotate from the open position to the up position during use for an easy entry and exit.

The seat features a 1.5" seat cushion and a backrest 1" thick to provide comfort to the spectator.

Chairs have an interlocking ganging device that keeps them space 18.25" apart.

The metal finish is powder coated to the customers choice.

Upholstery selection as per customers choice.

Logos are available

Minimum 25 year limited metal frame warranty.

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Basic anodized aluminum modular rink framing with glass that is mounted with all vertical aluminum stanchions and the frames are a lighter weight module for ease of conversions in multi-use facilities. The modular indoor systems are broken down with all types of combinations of; steel or aluminum framing, aluminum stanchion, chain link or seamless glass, and soccer systems.


Portable Stages

The portable staging has heavy duty construction with a 250 lb per square ft. live load rating, this ensures stability, safety and strength. The perimeter casing is constructed of high-grade anodized aluminum frames that wrap the deck edge top and bottom. Decks lock to each other with edge to edge secure lock clamps; leg to leg clamps lock tiered levels together.



We offer maximum utilization of space and colour, in a comfortable environment that will please spectators at a price that will please the owners. Facilities can be colour coordinated to designate specific seating areas and facilitate ticketing. Standard colours include red, blue, green and gold. Customized colours can be furnished upon request.


Soccer Dasherboards

Soccer systems are an all steel framing structure that can be finished for the end user with epoxy paint, galvanized or powder coated paint for longevity and appeal. The simple design of our dasher system, with laser cut alignment, means quick and easy installation and virtually no maintenance problems. Our systems start from the simplest galvanized demountable steel system to the advanced powder coated systems.