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By: GetYardstick  09-12-2011

No other web-based online test preparation system has the purpose built feature set that allows you to create online training and sell your web-based training content to your members, corporate customers and the general public. Yardstick Venture was designed with the entrepreneur in mind.

  1. 100% customizable site templates to reflect your brand and company values, including a private “corporate” area for larger customers to manage multiple user accounts. Unique credit purchase system included.
  2. Built-in Affiliate Marketing / Tracking system that allows you to add/edit/manage and track affiliate accounts. Includes conversion and statistics tracking, commission payouts, and discount (activation) codes.
  3. SEO friendly (search engine optimization) customizable URL addresses. Also, every meta description and page title on every product and site page is customizable.
  4. Built-in secure payment system accepting VISA, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal as payment options. No need to establish costly and onerous merchant accounts.
  5. Easy to deploy “Private-Label” or “White-Label” sites for your larger and more important clients that want to deliver practice test preparation or course training.
  6. Access to over 500 third party training titles from the ProExchange library to resell on your site. Our experts can even teach you how to sell online training. has used Yardstick Ventures exclusively to sell both their own proprietary titles as well as over 100 OHS relates titles from the ProExchange library.


As one of the largest Real Estate and Professional Licensing schools in the United States, Gold Coast has used the Yardstick platform since 2005 to deliver training in the real estate, contractor and insurance sectors to their students. Gold Coast uses the Multi-language functionality on several sites delivering both English and Spanish content.

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