Flexxaire - Total Airflow Control

By: Flexxaire  09-12-2011

Flexxaire’s robust TACfans are available in a variety of configurations using either hydraulic or pneumatic pressure to adjust the blades. Our engineers use state-of-the-art simulation tools to ensure an elevated quality of design and execution.

The TAC elite fan systems are designed to replace your entire fan assembly, including the pulley and bearing components. This allows Flexxaire’s engineers control over the entire fan system; from positioning in the cooling package to setting the rotational speed of the fan. TAC elite fan systems use hydraulic pressure to adjust the blades.

Flexxaire’s elegant TACcontrols are designed to be configured for most heavy equipment diesel engines and to suit a variety of needs.
TAC IVP control optimizes TACfans allowing for infinitely variable pitch and precision cooling.
TAC 2P control is a two position system that allows TACfans to easily purge debris.