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By: Estec Security  09-12-2011

Information is the most valuable asset of the modern organization. The ability to quickly respond to security incidents and follow through with an investigation can mean the difference between acceptance of a major loss and apprehension and prosecution of any intruder, with the accompanying deterrent effect. For most businesses and organizations, there is no option: apprehend and deter.

The choice is how to do these things as effectively and economically as possible.

ESTec can place a security incident investigator on retainer so you can be sure of a quick response. Our specialist might even become a member of your own internal incident response team. A phone call to our security engineer and he or she will be there to trace source of the breech and help restore workability to the company. The incident investigator can then track the evidence back to the intruder.

Sample Case

Customer: A Savings and Loan Company
Services: Incident Response
Problem: A California Savings and Loan company had its entire mortgage database destroyed and needed to catch the culprit, restore the information, and assure its customers of better protection.
Solution: They were assigned one of our investigators, who was able to track the incident by examining log files and identifying the IP address of the computer that had originated the attack. With the cooperation of the security department of the computer's company, the offender's machine was seized, and an image of the hard drive given to our investigator.
A log of the event from both the attack machine and the victim machine was turned over to the FBI. Next, using an access control audit, he quickly and confidently identified the problem areas, and designed corrective measures to prevent a repeat intrusion.
Result: The perpetrator of this very destructive incident plead guilty and was sentenced to five years in jail.

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