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By: Environmental Monitoring  09-12-2011
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Purchase or learn more about Uptime Devices' products: Environment Monitoring Appliances (like the SensorHub SH-2), Serial Device Controllers (the 2-Port SDC-2), Environmental Sensors (to measure temperature, humidity, airflow, and more), and SNMP-based Network Management Utilities.

Need an environment monitoring system that speaks your network's language? Uptime Devices' Sensor Hubs are web-enabled environment monitors that understand MIBs and SNMP traps to alert you (pager, email), and record (even graph) pertinent data, as well as providing multiple facility control.

Uptime Devices' Environmental Sensors are equipped with better accuracy and easier to manage than their competitors. The Auto Sense capability that their sensors have gives you the freedom to use any sensor in any open port, instead of designated ports. Uptime Devices' Environmental Sensors also gives you the capability to measure, monitor, and prevent almost any environmental problem that may disrupt your network environment(s).

RIMS (Remote Intelligent Multi Sensors.)  NEW!

RIMS not only take environmental and security readings but can store those readings as well. Each RIMS is a Daisy Chain Sensor™* so multiple RIMS can be plugged into one RPM sensor port. RIMS can be up to 1000 ft. away from the RPM with no external power needed.

Because each RIMS can make and store its own readings there is no data logging delays. Each RIMS has a battery backed clock so you can be assured each data point is properly recorded. RIMS generate events when internally monitored thresholds are broken.

* Trademark # 3,600,601

Airflow / Temperature Sensor

Dry Contact Sensor

Humidity Sensor

Relying on SNMP traps to provide user-defined warning and alarm information, the measures full range (0 to 100%) RH with a measurement accuracy of ±3% at 20°C (68°F).

Security Sensors

Wireless Smoke Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Voltage Sensor

Water Sensor

Purchase Network Management Utilities for a complete solution to your Data Collection, Network Monitoring, and Event-Based Scripting needs. We specialize in SNMP applications for web-enabled technologies. In addition to our proprietary software, we integrate with and offer third party plug-in utilities for leading network management software.

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Tracking environmental variables such as humidity and water, temperature and smoke, and movement in these spaces needs to be managed as reliably and affordably as the rest of your business-no matter how big or small. The integrity and security of the spaces in which you do business are as critical as the assets and infrastructure housed in those spaces.